Hello there. Interestingly, there room no yes, really Spanish native that start with the letter "W". However, there room a few words supplied in Spanish that begin with "w", however they room words borrowed from various other languages, regularly English. For example, "winsurf", "walkman" and also "western".I hope the answers her question.

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No, I"mma prevent playing. I know a good word the starts v "w". It"s "Well, Heidita don"t permit us execute people"s homework."

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"don't permit us" is incorrect. She "won't allow us" or "doesn't permit us" is correct. - --Mariana--, SEP 10, 2009

Most Spanish indigenous that begin with W are just modified assignment of international words to aid in your pronunciation.

You could look up words like:

whisky i m sorry is the Spanish order of whiskey. An alert that Spanish drops the "e" because the diphthong in Spanish would adjust to pronunciation indigenous English.

I have looked everywhere and could not find anything to start with a W is it spelled through a w in spanish? ns am in sixth grade and also just take it Spanish for the time my mother is do the efforts to assist but has not prospered it is the last letter that I have to find

wampa f Mex (ciénaga): swamp

Buena suerte!


Oh great, I check out "wafleta" isn't in the onsite dictionary. Wafleta = "waffle iron" - Goyo, SEP 10, 2009

Okay, i just had actually to look this one up in my Spanish (with no English) dictionary. Below is an exciting word i found:

wáter = Es otra forma de escribir: váter.

váter = Recipiente donde ras personas hacen sus necesidades. El váter tiene un depósito de agua y está conectado a una tubería de desagüe, de modo que se puede limpiar cada vez que se utiliza. También ese escribe: wáter.

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There are only 6 various other words start with "w" in my dictionary:

walkie-talkie, walkman, waterpolo, western, whisky, and also winsurf.

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