One method of assisting emergency responders to with the scene of a vehicle crash conveniently is through in-vehicle emergency speak to systems, also called post-crash notification. This systems allow a driver come summon help in an urgent situation.

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In the U.S., Ford SYNC® is one award-winning, in-car connectivity mechanism that was presented on certain 2007 model year vehicles. Start with the 2009 version year, SYNC-equipped vehicles come with an occupant communications capability called SYNC 911 Assist. In the event of a severe crash, the capability to directly call the regional 911 emergency operator can be critical, because that both the automobile occupants and first responders. While any cell phone call alone might be supplied in one emergency situation, SYNC can assist in place a call to a local 911 emergency operator – as soon as a call is appropriately paired, turned on and also connected to SYNC and where the system and also cell phone remain powered and undamaged – need to a crash with an wait bag deployment or fuel shutoff move activation occur. The vital advantage that SYNC 911 assist is speed, together calls are placed straight to neighborhood 911 operators and do not need to be routed v a call center (as in competitors’ versions), i beg your pardon can hold-up the time the takes to get assist on the way. SYNC 911 Assist offers the inhabitants a selection as to whether or no to do the emergency call, and places the call if the occupant does not respond ~ a quick time.

This voice-activated function is accessible to customers v 2008 and also beyond model year SYNC-equipped vehicles v a dealer-installed software program update. Ford recently announced that us will market a system comparable to SYNC 911 aid in Ford’s european product range beginning in 2012. We are working through the assorted stakeholders in Europe to ensure that this kind of solution is supportive of the eCall initiative, a pan-European, in-vehicle emergency speak to system.

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The SOS-Post Crash alarm System, i beg your pardon is standard devices on most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, is another breakthrough in post-crash safety technology. The SOS-Post Crash alert System immediately activates the horn and also emergency flashers in the event of an wait bag deployment or safety and security belt pre-tensioner activation. The second-generation system – which was included to the 2011 Ford F-150, SuperDuty, Explorer and Edge and also the Lincoln MKX – additionally is draft to automatically unlock car doors succeeding to an waiting bag deployment or safety belt pre-tensioner activation, to assist in rescue. The device is designed come alert passersby and emergency solutions to the vehicle’s location.

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