The Homing Attack is a special move principally supplied by Sonic the Hedgehog that permits the personality to swerve during a turn Jump, automatically zeroing in and also striking a adjacent enemy. It was first featured in Sonic 3D: Flickies" Island, wherein the instruction manual referred to as it the Sonic Blast AttackMedia:Sonic3D sat EU manual.pdf<1>; no an intrinsic capability of Sonic in ~ this point, it forced the gold Shield power-up to use.

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The method became a standard move in Sonic Adventure and also has been included in all 3D and also several 2D Sonic games since. In Sonic Heroes, it was part of the repertoire of all Speed type characters, so other users include Amy Rose, zero the Hedgehog, and Espio the Chameleon. Usually caused by pressing in mid-jump; if no adversaries are in ~ range, use this relocate to have actually Sonic perform a jump Dash (in Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic would rather go right down). In this means it frequently replaces Sonic"s earlier double-tap jumping move, the Insta-Shield.

In Sonic lost World, Sonic is capable of performing a Focused Homing Attack, i m sorry is qualified of locking-on to multiple enemies; up to six at once. The more enemies Sonic bring away out through a solitary Focused Homing Attack, the much more Animals will be rescued 보다 just defeating each adversary individually, with the second enemy ruined releasing 2 animals, the 3rd releasing three, and also so on. This kind of Homing strike can also work on just one foe; if three layers of reticles show up on a particular enemy, the player have the right to release the focused Homing strike to transaction even more damage and also possibly defeat the opponent immediately. No bosses, excluding the very first fight v Zazz, will be beat easily v this method, yet it is very effective against them.

How come use

Sonic 3D: Flickies" Island

The Homing Attack very first appeared here, however requires the yellow Shield. Just press or

when jumping close to an enemy.

Sonic Adventure series

Press throughout a jump.

Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog

Press / / Spacebar throughout a run or loss in speed formation. Once in strength formation, the Speed and also Fly personalities will immediately attack nearby enemies.

Sonic Rush


when jumping near an enemy. Can not be used on springs and also rails.

Sonic "06

Press / during a jump.

Sonic and the secret Rings and also Sonic Colours


as soon as jumping near an enemy.

Sonic Unleashed

Press /

in the Xbox 360 / game stations 3 versions during a jump. In the Wii / game stations 2 versions, push /

Sonic Generations and also Sonic 4

Press / during a jump as soon as you view a reticle on an enemy.

Note that in Sonic Generations, classic Sonic have the right to unlock the Homing attack as a skill by collecting all of the Red Star rings in world Wisp action 1. In the 3DS version, the Homing strike is part of his default moveset and also is immediately unlocked after ~ defeating large Arms.

Sonic shed World

Press throughout a jump when you watch a reticle top top one or much more enemies. For details targets, wait until an ext reticles appear on that to do a concentrated Homing Attack.

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Super smash Bros. Series

The Homing strike is Sonic"s standard special move in this series. When is pressed, Sonic spins in mid-air for a second, and then launches in the direction of the earlier of the nearest enemy in one arc. The move have the right to be completed faster by pressing , at the expense of accuracy. In at sight Smash Bros. Because that Nintendo 3DS & Wii U, the Homing strike can be replaced with two various other variants:

Custom 2: surprise Attack. A quicker variant that the Homing Attack, albeit with less power and range.