These Skyrim console commands and also cheats will assist you skip quests, re-spec her character, or alter the video game world


Skyrim pc cheats

Toggle Immortal ModeTIMTurns on and off immortal mode. Friend character will certainly still take it damage, but cannot it is in killed.

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Toggle God ModetgmTurns God setting on and off. Grants limitless health, magicka, and stamina. Bring weight walk not affect movement speed or quick travel ability.

Kill TargetkillInstantly death the target. Will certainly not job-related on ‘essential’ NPCs.

Skyrim money cheats

Add gold to Inventoryplayer .additem 00000f 100Adds 100 gold to her inventory. Replace 100 through the amount of your selection for much more or less gold.

Skyrim NPC Commands

ResurrectResurrect Brings a dead NPC back to life. Utilizing resurrects them through all item intact. Utilizing no number removes the corpse and creates a fresh copy the the NPC.

Empty InventoryremoveallitemsRemoves every items from the target’s inventory. Add to transport all items come your own inventory.

Add Itemadditem Adds an item to the target’s inventory.

Set NPC Levelsetlevel ,,,Sets the level of a target NPC. Because of Skyrim’s scaling level system, this one is a little tricky. You must assign four values. Every number is:1: The NPC’s level in comparison come player, based on % of football player level. (1000 = 100.0%)2: How plenty of levels this NPC will certainly be above or listed below the level in 1.3: The shortest level this NPC have the right to be.

4: The greatest level this NPC have the right to be.


Skyrim Toggle Commands

Toggle run modermSwitches between run and walk modes.

Toggle GrasstgTurns grass on and also off.

Toggle TreesttTurns tree on and off.

Toggle Water DisplaytwsTurns water display screen on and off as soon as not underwater.

Toggle structure BordertwfTurns the framework border on and off.

Toggle SkyboxtsTurns skyboxes and fog results on and off.

Toggle Map RegionstfowTurns unexplored areas on the local map on and also off.

Toggle Level that DetailTLLToggles between settings of Level the Detail.

Toggle photo SettingsteofisTurns taxing image settings such together blur on and also off.

Toggle manuscript ProcessingtscrTurns script processing on and also off.

Toggle CollisionTCLToggles clipping for a target item. If girlfriend have come to be stuck on one item, targeting the item and also using this command will certainly let you move through it.

Toggle MenustmTurns user interface menus on and off. Will completely remove the HUD.

Toggle Freefly CameratfcTurns free-flying camera on and off. Form tfc1 to likewise pause the game.

Toggle synthetic IntelligenceTAITurns artificial intelligence on and also off. Personalities will no react come you.

Toggle Combat artificial IntelligenceTCAITurns combat AI on and also off. Personalities may become hostile, however will not attack. Integrate with TAI command to totally disable NPCs.

Toggle DetectionTDetectToggles AI detection. This will not protect against pickpocket detection.

Toggle Player ControltcTurns on and also off control of one NPC. To use, target one NPC and form the command. The NPC will now be controlled, and player will have actually command the both your character and also the NPC simultaneously.

Toggle Map Markerstmm Turns map mite on and also off. disables all, enables all, shows all, no rapid travel.


Skyrim article Commands

Equip Itemequipitem Forces a target to equip an item that’s in your inventory. Pick which hand they use by deleting together applicable.

Equip SpellEquipspell Forces a target to equip a spell. Spells can not be gained using the command, therefore they must already be well-known by the target.

Unequip ItemUnequipitem Forces the target come unequip things they space using.

Make an NPC mortal/immortalsetessential Sets the mortality of the target. Usage because that mortal, or for immortal.

DisappearDisableMakes a target disappear. The target will certainly still be loaded in the cell, but will no be visible.

Re-appearEnableMakes a disabled target re-appear.

DeteleMarkForDeletePermanently deletes a target item. This removes the target entirely, fairly than simply making lock disappear.

Set OwnershipsetownershipAllows you come make an item ownerless. When picked up, the don’t come to be owned by the player.

UnlockunlockUnlocks a targeted chest or door.

Locklock Locks a chest, door, or person. The # worth is the level that lock difficulty, between 0-100. Anything greater than 100 is one unpickable lock.

ResurrectResurrect Brings a dead NPC back to life. Utilizing resurrects them with all items intact. Using no number gets rid of the corpse and creates a new copy that the NPC.

Empty InventoryremoveallitemsRemoves all items native the target’s inventory. Add to move all items to your very own inventory.

Gender ChangesexchangeChanges the gender of the targeted NPC, or the player character. Will readjust the human body shape, but not the head and face.

Add Itemadditem Adds an object to the target’s inventory.

Set NPC Levelsetlevel ,,,Sets the level of a targeted NPC. Due to the fact that of Skyrim’s scaling level system, this one is a small tricky. You have to assign four values. Each number is:1: The NPC’s level in comparison come player, based on % of players level. (1000 = 100.0%)2: How countless levels this NPC will certainly be above or listed below the level in 1.3: The shortest level this NPC deserve to be.4: The highest possible level this NPC have the right to be.

Set Scalesetscale Sets the range of a targeted object. If naught is targeted, it applies to her character. When applied to a character, it boosts or decreases speed and damage.

Teleport NPCmoveto playerTeleports one NPC come you.

Set Player Relationshipplayer.setrelationshiprank Changes the relationship between a player and an NPC, which alters their disposition come you. Replace # with numbers 1-4.

Add or take items from NPC Inventoryopenactorcontainer Certain actor NPCs will have different items relying on their faction ranking. Use this command, replacing # v 1-4 depending upon the actor’s rank status. This will enable you access to your inventory.

Return PositionGetPos Returns the position value the the target. Change with the x,y,z values of the axis required. This is valuable for positioning items precisely.

Set PositionSetPos Sets the place value the the target. Replace through the x,y,z worths of the axis required. This is valuable for positioning items precisely.

Return AngleGetAngle Returns the rotational axis the the target. Replace through the x,y,z values of the axis required. This is useful for placing items precisely.

Set AngleSetAngle Sets the rotational axis of the target. Replace with the x,y,z values of the axis required. This is advantageous for placing items precisely.


Skyrim quest Commands

Get present StageGetStage Gets the present quest stage for the chosen quest.

Display pursuit Stagesplayer.sqs Shows every the step of a quest.

Set pursuit Stage completed/uncompletedSetObjectiveCompleted Sets a pursuit stage together either perfect or uncompleted.

Set quest StageSetStage Sets a search to a specific stage. Advantageous for if a quest has actually glitched.

Move come Targetmovetoqt Moves you come the target the the quest.

Show all present QuestsshowquesttargetsShows all current quest IDs.

Complete every QuestscaqsCompletes every stages that every quest. (Buggy and also not recommended)

Complete QuestCompleteQuest Completes a quest.


Skyrim Player Commands

Unlock Shoutplayer.unlockword Unlocks a Dragon shout to be supplied by the player.

Add ShoutAddshout Adds a scream to the player’s ability list. The scream must an initial be unlocked.

Change RaceSetPlayerRace Changes the gyeongju of your character

Set RacePlayer.SetRace A slight variant on adjust Race, this permits you to end up being a gyeongju not available in character creation, such as a dragon by utilizing DragonRace as the raceID.

Adjust ar of Viewfov Allows you to set the field of view. Default setup is 75, and also maximum setting is 160.

Set Free-Flying Camera Speedsucsm Sets the speed of the free-flying camera. Default setup is 1. Setting 2 will twin the speed, setting 0.5 will fifty percent the speed.

Camera AnglesanimcamAllows you to readjust the edge of the camera without changing the direction your character is facing. Keeps camera movement independant of character movement.

Activate both 1st and third person viewss1stWhile in 3rd person view, the character’s arms will still screen behind the player character, allowing you to be in both very first and third person simultaneously. Because you’re a foolish person.

Open character Customisation MenushowracemenuOpens increase a character menu showing magicka, stamina, and also health. You can make alters to your character native this menu.

Add Perkplayer.addperk Adds a mentioned perk to her character.

Remove Perkplayer.removeperk Removes a perk. Note: will not refund the allude spent to unlock perk.

Add Spellplayer.addspell Adds a specified spell, disease, or strength to your abilities. Deserve to be offered to include spells that space in the game’s code however not actually used, such together the Conjure Dragon priest spell.

Remove SpellPlayer.removespell Removes a spell, disease, or power from the player.

Add Item come Inventoryplayer.additem Adds things to your inventory.

Remove Item native Inventoryplayer.removeitem Removed an item from her inventory.

Drop Itemplayer.drop Will drop the mentioned item top top the floor.

List Inventoryplayer.showinventoryLists all items in your inventory, in addition to their itemID codes. Usage PgUp and PgDwn to scroll the list.

Add Bountyplayer.setcrimegold Adds a details amount of gold to the bounty you have with a specific faction.

Pay Bountyplayer.paycrimegold Removes the bounty on your head. The X value demands to be adjusted to to remove items you have actually stolen, or to store them. The Y value needs to be set to to go to jail, or to not go to jail.

Set Player Levelplayer.setlevel Sets your existing character level to any type of given value.

Teach native of Powerplayer.teachword Teaches her character a civilization of Power.

Set actor Valueplayer.setav Sets the Actor value to any given value.

Modify gibbs Valueplayer.modav Modifies the Actor value by a provided value.

Place Itemplayer.placeatme Places things or actor beside the player.

Add fascinating ObjectplayerEnchantObject Adds an item to your inventory with two magic effects.

Increase ability PointsIncPCS Increases skill points in a given field by one point.

Give skill PointsAdvSkill Gives the player a mentioned amount of ability points come use.

Player order BookpsbUnlocks every spells and shouts, including ones that were not used as part of the final Skyrim game.

Level Upplayer.advlevelForces the player to level up. Character will only level up, friend won’t be able to choose a brand-new perk.

Enable manage in CinematicsenableplayercontrolsEnables player regulate during cinematic cutscenes.

Give Dragon Soulsplayer.forceav dragonsouls #Gives the player a mentioned amount that Dragon Souls to use.


Skyrim other Commands

Add NPC come FactionAddfac Adds a selected NPC to a Faction. A 1-4 rank deserve to be assigned by replacing #.

Remove NPC from FactionRemoveFac Removes a selected NPC from a Faction.

Set follower Countset playerfollowercount to Sets the lot of followers for the player. Setup to 0 clears all followers and allows you come recruit.

Set NPC as ReferencePrid Sets one NPC as a reference, which have the right to then be offered with various other commands. Helpful for as soon as the NPC can not be seen, such as in glitched quests.

Execute a .batbat Executes a .bat file for batch commands.

Show all Commands and also Descriptionshelp Shows every descriptions and also itemIDs because that searched items. Because that example, looking for “orcish armour” will show all items v ‘orcish armour’ in the name. # set the limit for search, through 0 having actually no limits, and 4 demanding specific match.

QuitqqqQuits the game instantly.

Kill every NPCskillallKills every non-essential NPCs in the local area.

Set Time Scaleset timescale to Sets the rate of time passage in the game. 20 is the default, and 1 is real-time.

Set Weathersw Sets the existing climate to the desired weather patterns.

Skyrim movement commands

Centre top top Cellcoc Teleports you come the centre of the cell.

Centre top top Worldcow Tamriel Teleports you to the mentioned coordinated.

NPC Corpse Clean upWIDeadBodyCleanupCellHolds the bodies of NPCs that have died.

Move to NPCplayer.moveto Moves you come the place of an NPC.

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