Counattempt singer/comedian Jim Stafford had an unlikely Top 10 hit via "Wildhardwood Weed" in 1974. (It peaked at No. 7.)

Surprisingly, Rolling Stone faicaused encompass it in their updated list of Country"s Highest Drug Odes.

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Written by Don Bowmale, "Wildlumber Weed" is based on "Wildwood Freduced," a song perdeveloped by the Carter Family in 1928. It dates ago to 1860.

Bowman"s song by Stafford alludes to the weed"s special powers:

Reached down for a weed to chew onThings got fuzzy and points gained blurryAnd then every little thing was goneDidn"t recognize what happenedBut I kbrand-new it beat the hell out of sniffin" burlap

The song continues:

The exceptionally following day we picked a bunch of them weedsAnd put "em in the sunlight to dryThen we maburned "em up and also chopped "em upAnd put "em in the corncob pipeSmokin" that wildtimber freduced gained to be a habitWe didn"t view no harmWe thought it was kind of handyTake a expedition and also never before leave the farm

Jim Stafford on the cover of his "Greatest Hits" album in 1995, posing via a joint or cigarette in between his toes.

And concludes on a comical note:

One day this feller from Washington came byAnd he spied it and also turned white as a sheetThen they dug and they burnedAnd they melted and they dugAnd they eliminated all our cute little bit weeds.Then they drove ameans,We simply smiled and wavedSittin" tright here on that sack of seeds!

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Country"s 15 Greatest Drug Odes

"Cocaine Blues" - Johnny Cash

"Follow Your Arrow" - Kasey Musgraves

"Get High" - Brandy Clark

"High Cost of Living" - Jamey Johnson

"I Can Get Off on You" - Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson

"I"m Getting Stoned" - Eric Church

"Long Haired Country Boy" - Charlie Daniels Band

"Methamaphetamine" - Old Crow Medicine Show

"One Toke Over the Line" - Brewer & Shipley

"Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die" - Willie Nelson

"Sam Stone" - John Prine

"Seeds and also Stems (Again)" - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

"Toes" - Zac Brvery own Band

"Weed Instead of Roses" - Ashley Monroe

"Weed With Willie" - Toby Keith


One More Omission

"Shanty" showed up on Jonathan Edwards" deyet album in 1971.

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"We"re gonna lay about the shanty, mama," he sings. "And put a great buzz on."