The square source of 300 is expressed as √300 in the radical type and together (300)½ or (300)0.5 in the exponent form. The square root of 300 rounded up to 9 decimal places is 17.320508076. That is the positive solution of the equation x2 = 300. We deserve to express the square root of 300 in its lowest radical kind as 10 √3.

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What Is the Square source of 300?

The square root of a number n is written as √n. This number when squared or multiply by itself outcomes in the initial number n. The square source of 300 can be written in many ways:

Radical form: √300 = 10√3Decimal form: 17.320Exponent form: (300)1/2

Is Square source of 300 rational or Irrational?

How to find the Square source of 300?

There space 2 crucial methods to find the square root of 300.

Long department MethodPrime Factorization

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Long department Method

The square source of 300 by long department method is composed of the adhering to steps:

Step 1: Starting native the right, we will pair increase the digits 300 by putting a bar above 00 and also 3 separately. We will also pair the 0s in the decimal from left come right.Step 4:  Find a number X such that 2X × X outcomes in a number less than or same to 200. The number 7 fits here, so location it next to 2 in the divisor as well as next to 1 in the quotient. Step 5: uncover the remainder and also now drag down the pair that 0s indigenous the decimal part of the number. Dual the quotient to acquire the new divisor. The brand-new divisor is 34. Step 6: Repeat this procedure to obtain the decimal areas you want.

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Therefore, the square source of 300 = 17.320

Prime Factorization

Next, this have the right to be decreased further to300 = 22 × 3 × 52It is now easy to uncover the root from here:√300 = √(22 × 3 × 52)√300 = 10√3 = 17.320

Therefore, the square root of 300 ≅ 17.320

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Important Notes

There exist a hopeful and negative root of 300; 17.320 and also -17.320There will certainly be n/2 number in the square root of an also number v n digits.There will be (n+2)/2 number in the square source of an odd number with n digits.