Today in America turning 16 is a huge event for young ladies!!! Most young ladies will usually have a glamorous party to celebrate them turning into a women, and also the fact they are now old enough to drive. In Mexico and some parts of America when a Latino young lady turns 15 she has a celebration known as a Quinceañera!! A Quinceañera and a sweet sixteen celebration are not exactly the same they can be very different from each other. I am going to briefly discuss what each type of celebration is, that way you can understand the similarities and differences of each celebration.



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You may be wondering what exactly Quinceañera is? It is the celebration of a girl’s fifteen birthday. This birthday is celebrated differently than all other birthdays, because it marks her transition from childhood to young womanhood. Many Latino girls celebrate a Quinceañera however, not all countries have the same traditions. For instance in Cuba they may have a more religious celebration than they do in Mexico or America. A Quinceañera usually has different ceremonies, a very familiar one is the ceremony of the Change of Shoes. This is when the father or close family member slips on new high heel shoes to the birthday girl’s feet; this symbolizes her passage into maturity. Also another common ceremony is the ceremony of the last doll. This is when the father presents to his a daughter a doll, the doll may look similar to the girl. This represents the change of his daughter going from a young girl into womanhood. Some celebrations may be more religious than others, and have different ceremonies included. In Mexico or in America a Quinceañera is a huge celebration with lots of “traditional” food, music, dancing and close friends and family members. The young lady who is having the Quinceañera will usually have on a white or brightly colored dress and also have a crown on her head. The young lady will have a grand entrance to her celebration and by escorted by a male friend or family member. She will be followed by her friends and family behind sort of like you would see at a wedding.

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When a young girl is getting ready to have a Quinceañera there is a lot of time and money spent in making it a perfect day to remember!!!! The main theme or reason why girls have this celebration, is because they are no longer viewed as a child but as a young woman. This is a great accomplishment and, I believe you should certainly have a huge celebration!!