It’s difficult to believe Panic! at The Disco are celebrating ripe years that their third album Vices & Virtues. Released in 2011, the follow-up come Pretty. Odd significant the very first for Brendon Urie and also Spencer Smith there is no Ryan Ross and Jon pedestrian who both departed practically two complete years prior. The fan-favorite record developed some standout monitor in the band’s discography including “Let’s death Tonight,” “Ready To go (Get Me out Of mine Mind)” “The Calendar,” “The Ballad that Mona Lisa” and also more.

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While Urie has shown off his love of metal with genre reworks of particular tracks, “The Ballad the Mona Lisa” has actually lived top top in its very own way. End the years, its gotten in the Billboard hot 100 and won end elderly people. Urie and co. Also still play that on the road, pack it into the practically 30-song setlist ~ above their many recent Pray because that The Wicked tour.

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With its iconic music video clip referencing “I create Sins no Tragedies” together it awakens a steampunk wonderland within a desolate church, check out if you have the right to remember every one of the text to the Vices & Virtues track below.

More on Panic! in ~ The Disco and Vices & Virtues

Back in December 2018, Urie made an excellent on his promise come launch a metal version that a Panic! at The Disco track. The musician shared a souped-up different of “The Calendar” by method of his own Twitch stream, aired it throughout a Fortnite session.

“We go this in 2010,” Urie announces mid-stream. Can you imagine a complete album the this?

“I want to carry out a metal project in particular,” Urie previously revealed to Rock Sound. “I actually just played something for my bandmates recently. We have actually an old song referred to as ‘The Calendar’ and also I made a steel version of that from year back.”

This isn’t the critical time Urie would share a metal song either. In late July, the vocalist furious a brief part of a complete take. When questioned if he to be breaking his time far from work rule, he defined he did the in a “stoned and also drunk” relaxation period. The following day, he common the breakdown-filled full song.

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Months later, Urie dropped another track, and also this time it was for charity. The Panic! at The Disco frontman hosted a Twitch stream come raise funds for the Highest Hopes structure in November. Later in the evening, he lugged along Josh Dun and Pete Wentz, and the musicians streamed us playing video games. When they increased over $75,000, lock premiered a brand new metal monitor live. Examine it out here.