From vital checking v no monthly maintenance fee to attribute rich checking packed with great benefits, we have actually a checking account that fits her lifestyle.

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Smarter Checking

Offers reward points on debit map purchases, loan discounts and more - plus fully-managed identity theft restore services and an entitlement to durable credit monitoring from NXG Protect. In addition, this includes Mobile call Coverage native NXG cell phone - insurance allowance coverage for your device’s repair or replacement due to accidental damage, mechanical failure or theft.To learn much more aboutNXG safeguard or to register for monitoring, CLICK HERE.To learn much more aboutNXG Mobile, CLICK HERE.


Smart Checking

Offers reward point out on debit map purchases, loan discounts and much more - add to fully-managed identity theft restore services and an entitlement to robust credit monitoring.To learn much more aboutNXG defend or to it is registered for monitoring, CLICK HERE.


Simply Checking

Offers every one of the essentials of a checking account through no minimum balance requirement and no monthly maintain fee.


Fresh begin Checking

Designed to assist rebuild your financial record. If you have been turned down for check accounts due to credit problems, Fresh start Checking may have the ability to give friend that 2nd chance you require - contains fully-managed identification theft recovery services and an entitlement to durable credit security with NXG|Protect.To learn more aboutNXG protect or to register for monitoring, CLICK HERE.


Student Checking

Available for eras 13 to 17. Offers every one of the essentials the a check account with no minimum balance requirement and also no monthly maintenance fee.

Monthly maintain Fee$8$5$0$10$0
Visa Debit Rewards
Fully managed Identity Theft Recovery
Identity Theft price Reimbursement
Identity Monitoring solutions with Alerts**
Mobile phone call Coverage*
Loan Discount - consumer Loans***0.50%0.25%
ATM Surcharge Reimbursement****
Official Checks/Money OrdersFREEFREE$1$1FREE
Notary ServicesFREEFREE$5$5N/A
Draft prevent PaymentFREEFREE$25$25FREE
Spend-2-Save (optional service)FREEFREEFREEFREEFREE
Paper explain OptionFREE$3/Month$3/Month$3/MonthFREE

*The main account holder can record a claim for any type of phones own by them. For extr details around the services, consisting of terms, conditions, and limitations, you re welcome visit**MONITORING solutions ARE listed TO THE primary ACCOUNT HOLDER top top AN licensed has been granted BASIS and also REQUIRE customer ACTIVATION. For additional details about the services, including terms, conditions, and limitations, please visit*** Loan Discounts carry out not use to promotion rates, credit transaction cards and mortgage loans.**** ATM Surcharge Reimbursement limited to 1 per month. Reimbursement limited to McCoy’s international ATM surcharge only - $1 because that balance inquiry or $2 ATM use.

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