Just favor for vehicles on our roadways, there are rules that apply to the lamp that have to be displayed by boats.

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These lamp provide crucial information to the operator of various other vessels when they check out you. Depending on the lights required to be shown on her boat based on its size and form of propulsion, the information that these lights carry out to others can tell them even if it is you room at anchor or underway or engaged in some other activity, whether you space a power-driven courage or not, what her heading is, etc. Other vessels approximately you make collision avoidance decisions based on the information accessible to them, that"s why that is so vital that the details your navigating lights are providing them is the correct information.

If you are caught by the police not showing lights or showing improper lights, friend will likely be fined. Worse yet, if the details your navigation lights are giving is incorrect and an accident occurs as a an outcome of this, there could be significant repercussions.

When need to navigation lights be displayed?

Between sunset and also sunriseWhen periods of restricted visibility (fog or heavy rain)

Boat navigating lights - straightforward rules


Port and also starboard sidelights

ared irradiate on theportside and agreen light on thestarboardside.

Stern light

awhite light placed at thestern of the boat.

Masthead light

a white light projecting towards the front that the boat.

All-round light

a white irradiate projecting all around the vessel.

Blue flashing lights

Alllaw enforcement organ (Police) and also some government agenciesmust display screen an all-around blue-flashing beam involved in duties in Canadian waters.


Yellow lights when towing

is a navigation light offered for towing. It"sa yellow light placed at theforward finish of a towing courage or vessel being towed.

What kind of boat requires navigation lights?

Navigation lights because that a powerboat operating at night (less 보다 12 meters (39,4") in lenght)

According come theCollision regulations,an operatorof a power thrust vessel of lessthan 12 metres in length, and also underway, may display, indigenous sunset to sunrise:


Navigation lights because that a powerboat operating at night (more than 12 meters (39,4") in lenght)

According to theCollision regulationsan operatorof a power driven vessel of an ext than 12 metres in length, and underway,may display, indigenous sunset to sunrise:

sidelights (red – green) and,


Sailboat operating at night (properly lit sailboat)

The operatorof a sailboat operating under sails at night shall, native sunset to sunrise, display:


A sailing vessel might exhibit in ~ or close to the peak of the mast, two all-round lamp in a upright line: the upper one red and also the reduced one green.These lights are shown along with the sidelights and sternlight.

For sailboats operating under engine power:


Vessel involved in fishing

Avessel engaged in fishing, other than trawling, chandelier display:

sidelights,sternlight and


Vessel when involved in trawling

Avessel when involved in trawling, which means dragging a dredge network or various other fishing apparatus with the water, chandelier display:

two all-round lamp in a upright line, the top being green and the lower white. As soon as making way through the water,sidelights andsternlight.


Tug boat lights (tow length under 200m)

Tug boat lights (tow size over 200m)


Navigation lamp at anchor

At anchor,the operator the a pleasure handmade shall display, from sunset come sunrise, in the fore part,an all-around white light.Apowerboat anchoredat night must displayan all-around white light.

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Rowboats (kayakers and also canoers) in ~ night

Navigation lamp are likewise required forhuman-powered vessels(canoe, kayak)or fora cruising pleasure craft of less than 7 metres in size not under power. Whenunderway,the operatorshall, native sunset come sunrise, display, if practical, sidelights and a sternlight, yet if the operator cannot, he/she must have actually at hand, a flashlight or lighted lantern create a white irradiate which need to be lit in sufficient time to protect against a collision.


The adhering to are instances of navigation lights:

Sailing vessel watched from starboard side