Like every the essential amenities, air conditioners have end up being an inseparable component of everyone lifestyle. Be it home, office, school, or meetings, air conditioners uncover their use everywhere. Adequate understanding of the system is thus mandatory to store it functioning.

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Refrigerant pressure readings measured in ~ the air conditioning compressor or the condenser units discovered on high or low-pressure sides space disturbing. This can allude out a difficulty with the capability of the compressor to develop normal operating push ranges. The cooling volume of the waiting conditioning device gets impacted by henceforth.

Before knowing around the high-side compressor pressure and low-side compressor press of the air conditioner that is gift used, over there are couple of more requisites to acquire first. One must recognize if the refrigerant R22 is gift used, adhered to by that is properties and also alternatives.

How to figure Out the wait Conditioner Refrigerant?


If the air conditioning mechanism was purchased before 2010, climate it is much more likely to have actually an R22 refrigerant. Additional information top top the manufacture deserve to be acquired from the template at the appliance the end condenser or top top the service manual.

The cold waiting coming out from the air conditioners is as result of a chemical referred to as R22 refrigerant or Freon. The setting Protection agency (EPA) recognizes it together HCFC-22 (hydrochlorofluorocarbon).

Properties of an R22 refrigerant:

The boiling suggest is -40.8 ℃ in ~ atmospheric pressure (sea level).The thickness is 3.66 g/cm3.Colorless gas.Molar mass is 86.47 g/mol.R22 gauge press is 10.9 bar or 158.2 psi.High next pressure commonly varies through equipment and also metering controls.Low pressure or suction side commonly varies by equipment.Low-pressure refrigerant turns on the transport HVACR at 50 psi (R22 push at 30 degrees) and closes in ~ 100 psi (R22 pressure at 85 degrees).R22 pressure at 85 degrees mirrors a vapor press of roughly 170 psi at the sea level.On the low-side R22 pressure at 85 degrees display screens 60 psi, conversely, on the high-side R22 press at 85 degrees shows 250 psi.

For servicing that the compressors, the right means is to monitor the service manual. Business manuals are listed with the charging charts with details ~ above the target suction vacuum pressure (negative) and the output press of the compressor motor.

High-Side Output press in waiting Compressor Conditioner:

For high-side calculation pressure, making use of R22 press at 85 degrees is called for 120 degrees.

In situation of making use of R22 inside, or in ~ the ambient room temperature, add 35 degrees to the incoming air temperature. An calculation high-side compressor pressure of around 260 psi is used.

High-side wait Conditioner Compressor Pressure

The output or high-side wait conditioner compressor motor pressure involves the return the the refrigerant gas, v the suction line, come the compressor.The task of the compressor engine is come compress the low-pressure refrigerant come a high-pressure one. This gas is climate condensed, in the condensing unit, into a refrigerant liquid before being went back to the wait handler.The compressor, condensing coil, and also fan discover their utilities in cooling the condensing coil outside the refrigerated space. The is immersed in the air at room temperature. Heat flows from hotter room to a more relaxed space, and the same uses here as well.

Low-Side entry or Suction Line press in wait Compressor Conditioner:

For low-side calculation pressure, making use of R22 pressure at 85 degrees is dubbed for 45 degrees of the very same compressor model.

In situation of utilizing R22 inside, or in ~ the ambient room temperature, subtract 45 degrees from the incoming air temperature. The company chart suggests that the suction line push to be supplied is around 75 psi.

With a temperature convey chart, one can get the basic knowledge of the refrigerant press for any kind of refrigerant gas and additionally the yes, really ambient temperature.

Reminder: The push test gauges measure up the refrigerant push in the static or equalized air conditioning or heat pump system. It gives awareness only around the refrigerant pressure and not the quantity of the refrigerant gas present in the system.

Service manuals of wait conditioners explain the low-side and high-side wait conditioner compressor motor pressure:

Low-Side air Conditioner Compressor Pressure:

One have the right to spot the low-side of an waiting conditioning mechanism inside an air handler. The air handler features to pass air through the area that is to be cooled.The low-side waiting conditioner compressor motor pressure entails the suction heat (low next pressure during compressor operation), which has a comparatively low value, together the surname indicates, much less than 100 psi.The refrigerant gas favor R22 is reverted from the cooling coil, the evaporator, come the compressor in the line. This can be tested by connecting the suction heat to a sealed vacuum check gauge ~ above the exact same line.Once the press of the cooling coil is reduced, the compressor enables the fluid refrigerant to be discharged right into the cooling coil to attain an optimum temperature.

There are countless options available to choose from the amazon, several of which have been enlisted below:

1. Frigidaire White power Star home window Air Conditioner

The Frigidaire 1.5 ton 3-star home window AC is an ideal for medium-sized rooms. The is economical and also easy come install. It has actually gained an ext than 700 ratings overall, the end of i beg your pardon 49% of the happy customers have offered a five-star. The condenser coil is do of copper. This waiting conditioner v R22 press at 85 degrees has ensured its ideal quality for the money spent on it.

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R22/R32 refrigerant gasAnti-bacterial filterDust filterDe-humidifier system.EconomicalLess energy consumptionLow maintenanceBetter cooling

Based top top the survey, the Voltas 1.5 ton 3-star window AC scores a 3.9 over 5 with a price tag of just $362, offering a 1-year minimal warranty on the condenser and five years on the compressor.