protein in blood
antibodyprotein produced by lymphocytes in an answer to bacteria, viruses, or other antigens.

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antigena substance that stimulates the production of an antibody
basophilgranulocytic white blood cell through granules the stain blue once exposed to a basic dye.
bilirubinorange-yellow pigment in bile
coagulationblood clotting
colony-stimulating factor (CSF)protein the stimulates the growth and also proliferation the white blood cells
differentiationchange in framework and function of a cell as it matures; specialization
electrophoresismethod that separating serum proteins by electrical charge
eosinophilgranulocytic white blood cell v granules the stain red with the acidic dey eosin; connected with allergic reactions
erthropoietin (EPO)Hormone secreted by the didneys that stimulates development of red blood cells
fibrinprotein threads that type the communication of a blood clot.
fibrinogenplasma protein the is converted to fibrin in the clotting process
globulinspart of blood containing various plasma proteins
granulocytewhite blood cabinet with countless dark-staining granules: eosinophil, neutrophil, and basophil
hemeIron-containing nonprotein portion of the hemoglobin molecule.
hemoglobinblood protein include iron; carries oxygen in red blood cells.

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hemolysisdestruction or breakdownof blood (red blood cells)
heparinanticoagulant uncovered in blood and tissue cells
immune reactionresponse the the immune mechanism to foreign invasion
immunoglobulinprotein v antibody activity
leukocytewhite blood cell
lymphocytemononuclear leukocyte that produces antibodies
macrophagemonocyte the migrates from the blood to tissue spaces. It is a huge phagocyte
megakaryocytelarge platelet precusor cell created in the bone marrow
monocytelarge mononuclear phagocytic leukocyte developed in bone marrow
momonuclearpertaining come a cell through a single round nucleus
neutrophilgranulocytic leukocyte formed in bone marrow
plasmaliquid portion of blood; contains water, protein salts, nutrients, hormones, and viatimins
plasmapheresisremoval that plasma from withdrawn blood by centrifuge.
plateletsmallest blood cell
prothrombinplasma protein; coverted come thrombin in the coagulation process
reticulocyteimmature erythrocyte v a network the strands that deserve to be seen after staining the cells v special dyes
Rh factorAntigen top top red blood cells of Rh-positive individuals
serumplasma minus coagulation proteins and cells
stem cellbone marrow cell that offer rise to different types of blood cells
thrombinenzyme tht switch fibrinogen to fibrin throughout coagulation
bas/oAlkaline, the contrary of acid
eosin/ored, dawn, rosy
is/osame, equal
mon/oone, single
morph/oshape, form
myel/obone marrow
nuetro/oneutral no base nor acid
phag/oeat, swallow
poikil/ovaried, irregular
spher/oglobe, round
apheresisremoval, carry away
blastimmature, embryonic
cytosiabnormal condition of cells
emiablood condition
lyticpertainin to destruction
oidderived from
osisabnormal condition
phoresiscarring, transmission
stasisstop, control