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In the below code , it gives error at compile time "Possible lose of precision".Please provide me reason for this.

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import java.util.Scanner;class one public static void main(String args<>) Scanner sr = new Scanner(; int i; long a=5; long arr<> = brand-new long; for(i=0;i arr=sr.nextInt(); for(i=0;i System.out.print(arr+" ");

int the line:long arr<> = brand-new long; friend are specifying the dimension of array ,which should be int type,and you are passing a as long type.0
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when float within the size parameter get rounded, the causeg a loss of precision.0
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rishi ns am no satisfied v your answer. Because this password is operation successfully. Course aj public static void main(String args<>) lengthy arr<> = brand-new long<5>;
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obviously it need to be....

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long arr<> = brand-new long<5>; while creating the selection of long kind the size have to be in int, in range class"s constructor the size parameter is identified as int, and whenever you room passing long a ,then int is not qualified to store the lengthy value,because it"s range exceeds the int range,that"s why lose of precision error wake up .. If you create 5 directly it is thought about as int ,so no problem..
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