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What is the best means to go about transforming engine oil ~ above a 01 sportsman 500 ho? I"ve been doing some reading online and also I have heard about priming the oil system? What"s the about? friend can drainpipe the seperate tank (under left front tire fender) without a problem.. However the crankcase bolt underneath is a large issue I"ve heard.. My brothers told me to not touch the bolt together he go a oil adjust on a 400 sportsman and said something about it shedding pressure? Anyway, soon after the engine started knocking, which we all recognize what that means :/ everyone have any pointers?
What is the best way to walk about an altering engine oil ~ above a 01 sportsman 500 ho? I"ve been doing some analysis online and I have heard around priming the oil system? What"s that about? you can drain the seperate tank (under left front tires fender) without a problem.. But the crankcase bolt under is a big issue I"ve heard.. My brothers told me to no touch the bolt together he did a oil readjust on a 400 sportsman and said something about it losing pressure? Anyway, quickly after the engine started knocking, which we all understand what that method :/ anybody have any pointers?
The best method is come leave the hose alone....if friend don"t fool with the hose and just drain the tank and also leave the crankcase bolt alone also, you will never need to prime the system. Over there is very small oil in the crankcase since its a dry sump system. So just drainpipe the tank and adjust the filter and fill the tank up through fresh oil and also your done. Forget around priming the system....since if girlfriend don"t mess with that hose or the display filter friend wont have actually to. Its been reported the the screens are always its no worth the to try to take it it out and clean it
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That"s what i was thinking.. My brother made that mistake and also warned me of it but I wanted to get a second opinon.. I"ve never ever heard of anything prefer that before, ns don"t know why Polaris would style something favor that? I very own a 04 Yamaha yfz (sport quad) and also has the seperate oil tank together well and oil in the crankcase. That doesn"t to speak anything about having to prime the oil system in the manuel.. I don"t understand why Polaris would carry out such a thing?
Like Vandal said...forget about all that hocus pocus BS. Drainpipe the tank. Change the filter. Pour 2 quarts the oil ago in the tank and also go riding. Need to take every of around 30 minutes at the many unless you want to grease it too while your"re at it climate allow about 45.
Have never ever "cleaned" or drained the eng block on our 05 500 and also it sounds like the regular 500"s do. Also many people worry around that priming thing, drainpipe the tank and readjust the filter and also ride.

Dry sump oil drainpipe solutionPolo 500s (and several other models) have dry sump oiling solution not too lot unlike some cars prefer say Porsche. Objective it to permit full oiling while the engine isn"t specifically sitting still and also perhaps at odd angles pushing oil away from oil intake. Its not a an excellent idea to just drain the tank and include 2 quarts cuz there w/b 1/2 an extra pint left in "dry sump". Therefore either drainpipe the sump (PITA), only add 1.75 quarts or shot the an approach below.What i"ve been doing because that a couple years now i learned native OPT over at ATVConnection, he"s a retired Polo technology who obtained the idea from a Polo engineer.Drain tank, replace bolt, begin engine for only 10 seconds/stop, drainpipe tank again, change filter/oil and go! No priming is required (no one seems to ever uncover anything ~ above that home window screen "filter"!) and also no engine knock, noise or whatever. The 10 seconds will eliminate the 1/2 pint come the tank and also the an excellent oil you"ve been making use of is tho coating the internals long enough to carry out lube protection. For this reason Simple. :cowboy:

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