There is fairly a the majority of things come do below in Mossdeep City. Heal her Pokemon now, and maybe visit the Mart. ~ above theraised floor in the eastern part of the city is a Fisherman"s house. Talk to him, and he"ll offer you a Super Rod.Then enter the room Center (the big green building), and also talk come the very first person friend see. He"ll give you a Sun Stone.Then you deserve to go come the residence in the upper-left hand edge of the city. It"s Steven"s house. He"ll provide youHM 08 - Dive. Through this, you can dive underwater. But before you have the right to use it, you must gain your seventhbadge.

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Psychic Puzzle

This is a Psychic Gym, so be all set with something that you think deserve to defeat powerful Psychic Pokemon. Action on the triangles on the left next of the room. You will immediately be relocated in prior of a trainer. Next, relocate one space up and one room left onto much more triangle. Thesetake girlfriend a long way, and you"ll fight an additional trainer. Next, to walk one room down and also three spaces to the right, whichwill lead you to an additional trainer. Push "A" to the move (box shaped device), and head down. Go under onto the next collection of arrows. Climate up top top a collection of arrows. Relocate one room up, one space left, and one room down. This will bring you come anothertrainer. Upper and lower reversal the switch, and also ride ~ above the very an initial set of arrows again. This will placed you in front of a trainer. Step on the arrowhead to the left of whereby you are, and you"ll fight another trainer. Upper and lower reversal the switch, and go earlier to the beginning. If youdid whatever right, climate you will be able to ride every the means to the end, wherein you"ll fulfill the pair gym leaders.

They"re Tate and Liza, and also they"re ready to battle witha lv. 42 Lunatone and a lv. 42 Solrock. Of course, you"ll be compelled to send out two Pokemon. The 2 weird spring Pokemonare quite hard to defeat, so be careful! for winning, they"ll give you TM04 - patience Mind. The Mind Badge is also yours. Itenhances the unique Attack and Special Defense of your Pokemon, and also lets you use Dive exterior of battle. Gain out that the gym through stepping onthe teleporter, and also getting out of the gym. Now it"s time for part diving!

Locations (Mossdeep City)

Route 127 and 126

Heal your Pokemon and also exit the city by acquisition the 2nd staircase southern of the city. Surf till you see darkwaters. Currently you have the right to dive underwater. It"s a lot darker down here, as you have the right to see in the screenshot. Follow to route down until you reach a cave with a submarine init. Enter the cave and also resurface by pushing "B". You"ll be in ~ the Seafloor Cavern as soon as you carry out resurface, and a complicated puzzles awaits friend after the entrance.

Locations (Route 127)

Locations (Route 126)

The very first thing you"ll see are some boulders. Push them away usingStrength, and keep on going up. In this next chamber, relocate the rocks around to get to the enntrance gate to the left. Surf up, then right, thenright, then left. Gain onto the land, and also enter the entrance. Try to gain through every the boulders, and a Team M/A Admin will challenge youto a battle. Proceed by walking on come the following chamber, where the hardest puzzle lies.

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The hardest puzzle yes, really isn"t the hard, so obtaining through that shouldn"t it is in a problem. After obtaining through that, continue on, and also you"ll uncover TM 26 - Earthquake. Go all the method down. You"ll see the sleeping Groudon (for Ruby)/Kyogre (for Sapphire). There, you"ll struggle Team M/A"s leader. After defeating him, the Reb/Blue Orb will glow, and the legend monster will come to life! You will be take away outside, where the weather alters according to the version you own. In Ruby, there is a strange dry, shining effect all over Hoenn. In Sapphire, there space thunderstorms. In addition to that, all towns" and routes" musichave been stopped. Steven will concerned talk come you, and also will leave. ~ that, head north, and then west. When you obtain to the dark waters of path 126, diveinto the sea. In bespeak to placed the world earlier in peace, friend must catch Groudon/Kyogre!

Locations (Seafloor Cavern)

It watch a bit various here. To battle an underwater wild Pokemon, go through the seaweed. You"ll findmany dark one underwater. They rotate out come be surprise items. Together you proceed to explore, you"ll notice alarge item of floor in the water. Walk to the an extremely south that it, and go right into the cave. Resurface, and also you"ll it is in atSootopolis City.