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The first Pokémon games are still nostalgic, yet fairly dated. And also they’re also pretty tough, so there’s often cases where you might need to grind some levels come beat the next gym.

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When you with the Pokémon organization in gen I, the level difference in between the 8th gym and the critical Elite four member is a full of 12 levels.

So yeah, grinding is always component of the game.

And in this ranking we’ll examine out few of the ideal grinding clues in the Gen ns RBY titles.

Protip: while grind in larger areas, possibly run from many first-stage monster and try to fight an ext evolved Pokémon, due to the fact that they normally yield fairly a bit much more EXP.

5. Pokémon Tower


Pokémon Tower is the ideal early game grind spot since it’s the only ar in the video game which has actually a one-of-a-kind healing spot, located in the center of the fifth Floor.

It also helps the Gastly and also Haunter are frail, which renders them simple to knock the end in one hit. (well, through the best Pokémon!)

You can additionally finish off all the trainers in Pokémon Tower before doing a complete grind because that wild Pokémon. So it is a ton the EXP appropriate after you get through rock Tunnel.

And if you desire to make the grind faster, teach her Pokémon destruction from the Rocket Grunt’s TM.

4. Strength Plant


The strength Plant is filled with Magnemite and also Voltorb, but additionally the sometimes Magneton, Raichu, Muk, or Electabuzz (depending top top what version you’re playing).

It does call for surf to gain here, however it’ll make the grind worthwhile.

There are additionally fake article balls that room actually Voltorb and also Electrode, therefore make certain to stop and pick some as much as see what girlfriend get.

And if you’re looking to grind before taking top top Giovanni for the 8 hours Gym Badge, this is the location to hit.

You can use your destruction TM because that this spot pretty effectively, too.

3. Success Road


Victory roadway is the last place you’d hang the end in Kanto before beating the Pokémon League.

And an ext specifically, that the final spot wherein you deserve to encounter the highest number of evolved Pokémon.

This consists of Pokémon such as Golbat, Graveler, Machoke, Marowak, and also Venomoth. It’s a large mix, but a lotta leveling opportunities there.

But if you have actually no luck acquisition on those advanced Pokémon, you have the right to go down to route 23 because that some less complicated battles with Fearow, Arbok, Sandslash, Nidorino/Nidorina, or Primeape (depending top top what variation you’re playing).

2. The Pokémon League


Like most main series games, as soon as you beat the Pokémon League, it acts like a challenging grinding spot the you can hit over and over again.

And this is definitely true in gen I, because they’re the just trainers in the game you can battle multiple times.

This also means outside of salary Day, this is the best way to earn an ext money too.

It might be difficult to to win the entire E4 on her first couple of tries. Yet once did you do it leveled up a few times, you’ll have the ability to use her Exp All and bring few of your weaker mons while your lead Pokémon usually solos the league.

1. Cerulean Cave


Notorious because that its an effective wild spawns, the Cerulean cave is available once girlfriend beat the Pokémon League.

And because that a good reason: the spawns space high-leveled.

Most Pokémon space leveled between 45-55, and also if you walk deeper right into the reduced floors you’ll even uncover some end level 60.

And with wild Pokémon varying from Golbat come Ditto to Kadabra, you won’t have actually a difficult time grind up part levels.

And if you’re happy you might even conference a Chansey, which has actually the greatest XP yield in the game.

So if you’re into the post-game and don’t really require the money that the Pokémon league offers, Cerulean cavern is a heavy spot because that grinding.

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