Hi, my surname is Ryan aka Sonictrainer and also this is the 4th guide I"ve post online and also the an initial guide I"ve ever done because that a Pokémon game. I made this overview to so people wouldn"t need to take the Personality Quiz 100 times prior to getting the starters castle wanted.

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If you look in the Prima guide at the Personality Quiz Questions and answers, you"ll notice on various other side the divider lines space in the wrong place, giving specific questions the not correct choices.


Reedited certain sectionsCorrected part errorsReedited specific sectionsTurned the guide into a Formatted FAQAll Questions have actually Nature PointsOrganized Questions into 2 separate categoriesFixed a couple errorsMore Nature clues AddedCorrected an Error in FAQ SectionUpdated call InfoMore Nature point out AddedMore Nature clues AddedFound a concern I to be missingAdded someone to Special many thanks SectionGuide post online

Background Info

Pokémon or bag Monsters is a popular RPG that began in 1996. The video game is based upon creatures with different abilities that a human might use to conquer other human beings to prove that is the ideal aka Pokémon Masters. Overtime, spinoff execution of Pokémon were made that are somewhat comparable to the key RPG games. Secret Dungeon is just one of the much more popular ones. This is the an initial time an growth has been included to a spinoff variation though.

Starter/Partner Pokémon Info

Unlike in Pokémon an enig Dungeon: Explorers that Time/Darkness, there room 5 new starters that have the right to be chosen and also well as a few new companion Pokémon.

The Starter you get through the personality quiz is the main character you can manage in the key game.

Once you"ve acquired the starter Pokémon native the Personality Quiz, girlfriend can pick your partner, i beg your pardon is one more Pokémon that will aid you in every dungeon. However, they cannot be the same kind as her starter. Also, watch her partner"s ago in the dungeons, due to the fact that if they gain defeated, you acquire defeated.

Pokémons Name and National Dex NumberTypeStarter or companion Choice?1. Bulbasaur4. Charmander7. Squirtle25. Pikachu37. Vulpix52. Meowth132. Eevee152. Chikorita155. Cydnaquil158. Totodile231. Phanpy252. Treecko255. Torchic258. Mudkip300. Skitty387. Turtwig390. Chimchar393. Piplup403. Shinx446. Munchlax447. Riolu
NormalPartner an option Only
NormalPartner an option Only

How the Quiz Works

Like the last Pokémon secret Dungeon games, the Personality Quiz is based upon 8 random inquiries (or more) through each answer adding points come a particular nature. Each nature to represent a Starter Pokémon with a particular gender as shown in the complying with chart.

NatureMale ChoicesFemale ChoicesBoldBraveCalmDocileHardyHastyImpishJollyLonelyNaïveQuietQuirkyRashRelaxedSassyTimid

In total, there room 16 different natures: Brave, Bold, Calm, Docile, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lonely, Naïve, Quiet, Quirky, Rash, Relaxed, Sassy, and Timid. Depending upon the gender and nature, girlfriend can obtain the Pokémon girlfriend want.

When you very first start the Quiz, this will always be the an initial question:

First Question: Did friend play "Explorers the Time" or "Explorers of Darkness"?


Although it seems choose this concern is useless because it no raise any type of nature points, that will do this: If you pick Yes to this question you will most likely acquire questions that will rise your possibilities of coming to be one that the newly added Starter Pokémon (Vulpix, Eevee, Phanpy, Skitty, Shinx, and also Riolu). Also, your opportunities of recruiting particular Pokémon into your Team will certainly be higher.

Besides the first question and also last concern (which asks around gender) all the various other questions are random.

Example 1

Player P just started the quiz and also is on question 2.

Random question 1: have actually you ever before said "nice to fulfill you" to who you"ve met previously?

Yes. (Brave +2, tranquil +1)No. (Calm +1)

Player p picked Yes.

So now their Brave score is 2, their serene score is 1, and the other nature scores are still 0. So far, their potential starter is either Pikachu or Charmander due to the fact that Brave has actually the highest score.

Example 2

Q: perform you want to be taller someday?

Totally! (Sassy +2)Of course not. (Calm +1)

Player ns picked Totally!.

So now their Brave Score is 2, their relaxed score is 1, their Sassy score is 2, and also all the various other nature scores space still 0. Now, your potential starter is Pikachu, Charmander, Riolu, or Totodile since both Brave and also Sassy have actually the same score.

Example 3

Player ns answers the last concern with Rash being his highest Score

Final Question: space you male or female?


Player P made decision Female. So their Quiz result will be a mrs Torchic, due to the fact that Rash was their highest possible score and also they determined female.

Note: Not certain if there are any significant differences between picking a young or girl variation of the Pokémon friend want. If there is, allow me know. However, be aware that several of the starters are only available to one gender (Vulpix, Eevee, Phanpy, Skitty, Shinx, and Riolu).

All Questions, Answers, and also Results

Most that the concerns from the Personality Quiz in Pokémon an enig Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness have actually changed. Right here are every one of the questions, answers, and their nature points.

First Question: Did friend play "Explorers of Time" or "Explorers that Darkness"?

Yes.No.Questions v 2 ChoicesQuestionChoice 1Choice 2Yes. (Lonely +2 and also Relaxed +2)No. (Hardy +1)Totally! (Sassy +2)Of food not. (Calm +1)Yes. (Hardy +2)No. (Quirky +2)Yes. (Brave +2 and also Relaxed +1)No. (Calm +1)Certainly! (Jolly +1, Naive +1, and also Sassy +2)Well, not really... (Hardy +1)Yes. (Naive +2)No. (Quiet +1)Yes. (Bold +1, Jolly +2, and also Relaxed +1)No. (Calm +1)Open it! (Brave +2, Hasty +2, Impish +2, and Rash +1)Get help opening it. (Timid +1)Yes. (Rash +2 and also Sassy +2)No. (Docile +1 and also Quiet +1)Yes. (Hasty +2)No. (Calm +1)Yes. (Hasty +1, Quirky +2, and Rash +1)No. (Quiet +1)Of course! (Lonely +1 and Sassy +1)No. (Calm +2 and also Quirky +1)Yes. (Lonely +2 and Sassy +2)No. (Relaxed +1)Of course! (Bold +1, Brave +2, and Sassy +2)Not really. (Timid +1)Yes. (Impish +1 and Naive +2)No. (Calm +2)Yes. (Jolly +2 and Lonely +1)No. (Quiet +1)Of course. (Bold +1 and also Docile +2)That"s not straightforward to admit! (Lonely +1 and Timid +2)Yes. (Jolly +2 and also Sassy +2)No. (Hasty +1 and also Timid +1)Narrow. (Impish +2 and also Naive +1)Wide. (Quirky +2 and Timid +1)Help my friend up! (Brave +2 and Lonely +1)Laugh! It"s also funny! (Impish +2, Naive +2, and Rash +1)Yes. (Rash +2)No. (Quiet +2)Scary...bathrooms! (Docile +2 and Timid +1)Go in over there anyway. (Bold +1, Jolly +2, and also Relaxed +1)Yes. (Bold +2 and Relaxed +1)Not at all! (Hasty +1 and Lonely +2)All the time! (Jolly +1 and Relaxed +2)Never. (Quiet +1)Of course! (Quiet +2 and also Sassy +2)No way! (Brave +2)Questions v 3 ChoicesQuestionChoice 1Choice 2Choice 3An activity movie. (Impish +2 and also Sassy +1)A drama. (Hardy +2)A romantic movie. (Quirky +2)Study all night long. (Hardy +2)Wing it! I"m sure it will be fine! (Relaxed +2)Test?! i think I have actually a fever... (Naive +2)Ask because that permission come leave. (Brave +2, bolder +2)Sneak out. (Hasty +1)Hold ~ above until course ends! (Timid +1)Yes. (Docile +2)No. (Naive: +2, decision +1)Well, i never lose at sports! (Impish +2)Eat simply a small bit. (Hasty +2)Hold myself back and fill it all up. (Hardy +2)What snacks? They"re in mine belly! (Rash +2)Not a problem! Chow time! (Brave +2, peaceful +1)Think around it briefly, climate decide. (Timid +1)Get who to shot it first. (Bold +2)Eat it. Who cares if I"m stuffed? (Hasty +2, decision +1)Turn the down. It"s as well fattening! (Hardy +1)Yum! i love dessert the most! (Bold +2, Jolly +2, and also Relaxed +1)"Terrible!" (Brave +1 and also Quiet +1)Just smile. (Calm +2 and Lonely +1)"Um, it"s...good." (Rash +1 and Timid +1)Seared steak. (Impish +2 and Naive +2)Healthy fish. (Hardy +1)Anything! It"s all good! (Bold +2)Don"t call anyone. (Bold +2 and Timid +1)Let anyone know. (Docile +2 and also Rash +2)First come, first served! (Impish +2)I"m there! (Bold +2)Allow me. (Jolly +2)Thanks... (Quirky +2)Nothing, really. (Brave +2 and also Bold +1)Laugh along. (Lonely +1 and also Timid +2)It relies on the situation. (Quiet +1 and Quirky +1)Being busy. (Lonely +2, Sassy +1)Free time! (Calm +2)In between. (Quirky +2)Whatever. (Calm +2)Annoyed. I was below first! (Jolly +2 and also Relaxed +2)I burned a few tears. (Lonely +2)Make small talk. (Calm +1)Say nothing! (Quirky +1)Make one excuse to obtain away! (Timid +2)Get embarrassed! (Docile +2)Again?! (Rash +2)I supposed to execute that! (Jolly +2)The great news. (Relaxed +2)The negative news. (Bold +1 and also Naive +2)I don"t want either. (Timid +2)Of course! (Hardy +2)Nope. (Quirky +2, rash +1)What space those? (Relaxed +2)Roll top top the floor laughing! (Jolly +2 and Naive +2)Just permit it walk by... (Docile +1, Impish +1)Who was that?! (Brave +2)I"m not giving up yet! (Brave +1 and Hardy +2)Just provide up. (Quirky +2)Shout, "START OVER!" (Bold +2 and also Rash +1)Buy it appropriate away! (Hasty +2)Think around whether you need it. (Quiet +1)Demand an also bigger discount! (Bold +2)Do the myself. (Brave +1, hardy +2)Ask who to help. (Docile +1)Make who else execute it! (Bold +2 and Sassy +1)Heartbroken... (Hardy +2)Aaaargh! (Docile +2)Bad timing, i guess... (Bold +2 and Calm +2)Answer right away! (Hasty +2, Lonely +2)Wait a bit prior to answering. (Quiet +1)Ignore it and let the ring. (Timid +1)I want to go too! (Naive +2)No large deal. (Lonely +2)Will lock invite me? (Timid +1)Yes. (Bold +2 and also Quiet +2)No. (Brave +2)I don"t know. (Docile +2)Woo-hoo! (Jolly +1 and Naive +2)I can"t believe it... (Timid +1)This is my little secret. (Quiet +2)Maybe they"re sick. (Hasty +2)They"re lost in thought. (Quiet +2)What?! Why?! (Timid +1)Try and also hide. (Timid +1)Think of one excuse. (Naïve +2 and Sassy +1)Drop down and also play dead! (Rash +2)Run away! how embarrassing! (Timid +2)Answer concerns properly. (Brave +2 and also Sassy +2)Yuck it up! Woo-hoo! I"m on TV! (Bold +1 and also Naive +2)Stay top top the sidelines. (Calm +1)Sing along! (Jolly +2 and Naive +2)Walk away. (Lonely +1 and Sassy +2)Jump on it! (Hasty +1 and also Sassy +1)Belly flop! (Impish +2)Curl up. (Lonely +2)Get mad! (Hasty +2)Get sad. (Lonely +2)Woo-hoo! Water fight! (Impish +2, Jolly +2, and also Naive +2)Always in a rush! (Brave +2 and also Impish +2)Always perfect. (Quiet +1)They space OK. (Docile +1 and also Timid +2)Did other happen? (Docile +2 and also Lonely +2)Maybe I have the work wrong? (Jolly +2 and also Relaxed +2)Let"s get this party started! (Bold +2)Questions v 4 ChoicesQuestionChoice 1Choice 2Choice 3Choice 4Working hard, every day. (Hardy +2)If ns remember to... (Quirky +2, Hasty +1)I simply cover what I need to. (Quiet +1)I can"t really carry out it alone... (Lonely +2)Wait until I acquire home to open up it. (Docile +2)Shake it! (Naive +2)Open it! (Rash +2)It"s smaller than everyone else"s... (Lonely +2)Don"t execute that! It fear me! (Timid +2)OK, I admit it. You tricked me. (Docile +2)No way. I didn"t loss for it. (Lonely +2 and Sassy +2)Huh? What? (Relaxed +2)Show it a little by play together. (Jolly +2 and also Quiet +1)Make it evident by...playing a prank! (Lonely +2 and Naive +1)State it clearly for every to hear! (Bold +1, Brave +2, and Impish +2)Keep it to myself! It"s as well risky! (Timid +1)
Have you ever before blurted something out without thinking about the results first?
Do you want to be higher someday?
Once you"ve chose something, execute you view it through to the end?
Have you ever said "nice to fulfill you" to who you"ve met previously?
Have you ever before looked at your reflection in a mirror and also thought, "What a cool person"?
Have you ever thought that if friend dug in your backyard you can find hidden treasure?
Do you prefer to play external rather 보다 inside?
You uncover a beat-up-looking treasure chest in part ruins. What perform you do?
Have you ever before realized you to be hogging the conversation?
When you see a switch, execute you feel an overwhelming advice to upper and lower reversal it?
Have you ever before forgotten girlfriend bought something and bought one more one?
Do you think it"s vital to constantly aim to it is in the best?
Do you desire to it is in famous?
If you experienced someone doing something bad, could you scold them?
Have you ever told a joke that just completely fell flat?
Do you favor lively parties?
Are you truly sincere as soon as you apologize?
Do you prefer karaoke?
You"re hiking increase a hill when you with diverging paths. Which kind perform you take?
Your girlfriend takes a spectacular fall! What perform you do?
Have you ever accidentally referred to as a teacher "Mom" or "Dad"?
There"s a rumor around around a ghost haunting the institution bathrooms! What do you do?
Your friend is to run a little late to satisfy you. Is the OK?
Do friend think that, no matter what, life go on?
Do friend think blaming something girlfriend did ~ above someone rather is sometimes necessary?
You"re in ~ a movie theater. What room you over there to see?
You have a really crucial test tomorrow! What execute you do?
You"re in class when you realize the you really have to go to the restroom! What execute you do?
Do friend think girlfriend have an excellent study habits?
You"re packing your classroom"s snacks because that a picnic once you gain hungry. What carry out you do?
You check out a cake the is past its expiration date, but only by one day. What carry out you do?
You"ve just stuffed yourself with a an excellent meal as soon as a an excellent dessert arrives. What execute you do?
Your friend has made a meal the tastes terrible. Castle ask, "How is it?" you say...?
You"re eat at a very fancy restaurant well-known for its food. I beg your pardon course do you select?
Everyone"s share a dessert, and there"s an extra piece. What perform you do?
Your friend supplies to act you come dinner. What perform you do?
Everyone approximately you is laughing tough at something girlfriend think is quite boring. What do you do?
Do you prefer to be busy or to have actually a many of totally free time?
You"re about to to buy a well-known game once someone else gets the last copy! how do you feel?
You run into a new person that you haven"t talked to very much before. What perform you do?
You take it off her shoes to realize her socks are two different colors! What carry out you do?
Good news and bad news... I m sorry one execute you desire to hear first?
Did you do any new Year"s resolutions?
You"re in a totally silent assembly once you suddenly hear someone pass gas! just how do you react?
You"re to run a marathon, and at the begin you fall flat on her face! What will certainly you do?
You uncover something in ~ a an excellent bargain price! What perform you do?
You"ve to be asked to do a an overwhelming task. What will certainly you do?
You notice that a toy friend bought for full price yesterday is marked down to fifty percent price today! just how do you feel?
The phone"s ringing! What carry out you do?
Your friends seem to it is in making to plan to hang out, simply out that earshot. Girlfriend think...
Do friend think it"s crucial to be fashionably late?
You"ve won huge on a raffle ticket! girlfriend say...

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Your friend all of sudden won"t hear to you, when everything was good yesterday. What happened?
You failure miserably! Everyone uncovered out, and they"re disappointed in you... What do you do?
You"re on a stroll when a TV crew pounces ~ above you for an interview. What carry out you do?
The world at the next table space singing because that someone"s birthday. What carry out you do?
You see a big and comfortable bed. Your an initial reaction is to...
You"re daydreaming...when her friend sprays you through water! What execute you do?
How space your mornings?
You"ve been invite to a wonderful party. It"s time for the party to start, however there"s nobody there! you think...?
What"s your studying style?
You"ve been handed a large bag as a souvenir. What perform you do?
Hey, what"s that? There"s who behind you! So...did friend look simply now?
You want to reveal that you favor someone a entirety bunch! What perform you do?

The last Question: space you masculine or female?