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-odont, odontalgia, odontectomy, -odontia, odontiasis, odonto-, odontoblast, odontoblastic layer, odontoblastoma, odontocete, odontoclast

Odonto- is a combining kind used choose a prefix meaning “tooth.” the is commonly used in clinical terms, particularly in anatomy and pathology.

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Odonto- originates from the Greek odṓn, definition “tooth.” The Latin word because that “tooth” is dēns, source of the combining creates denti- and also dento-.

What are variants the odonto-?

When linked with indigenous or word elements that begin with a vowel, odonto- becomes odont-, together in odontalgia.

Corresponding creates of odonto- linked to the end of words are -odont and -odus, which you have the right to learn an ext about in our Words that Use short articles for each form.

Examples of odonto-

One example of a term from medication that features the combining kind odonto- is odontology, “the science managing the examine of the teeth and their surrounding tissues and with the prevention and cure of their diseases.”

Related to odontology, both as words and practices, are periodontics and also orthodontics. Discover what makes these branches the dentistry distinct and how lock are regarded the combining because that odonto- at our entries for the words.

The very first part the the word, odonto-, means “tooth.” So, what around the –logy part of the word? It comes from the Greek lógos and is supplied to name sciences or body of knowledge. Odontology literally converts to “the study of teeth.”

What space some indigenous that usage the combining type odonto-?

What space some other forms that odonto- may be commonly confused with?

Break the down!

The combining form -tomy way “cutting, incision.” v this in mind, what go the dentist procedure of an odontotomy involve?

How to usage odonto- in a sentence

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before a vowel odont-

combining form
indicating a tooth or teethodontology

Word beginning for odonto-

from Greek odōn tooth

Medical meanings for odonto-


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