In the American court system, criminal defendants are guaranteed the best to psychological by a "jury of their peers". In Kentucky, a swimming pool of potential jurors is randomly selected native the local populace of individuals eligible because that jury duty.

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A prospective juror must:

Be a citizen of the joined States

Be at least 18 years of age

Be a resident of the summoning county

Have adequate knowledge the the English language

Have not been previously convicted the a felony that has actually not to be pardoned or

received a restoration of polite rights

Not it is in presently under indictment

| Juror an option in Kentucky - What come Expect?

exactly how Are Potential Jurors favored in Kentucky?

The very first stage in jury choice is summoning a pool of potential jurors indigenous the perform of regional citizens standard to serve on a jury in Kentucky, as explained above.

Jury list consisted of of registered voters, precious driver"s license holders, and also individuals having actually filed revenue tax returns. The list is to update annually, with names provided from by The transportation Cabinet, the department of Revenue, the State board of Elections, and the an important Statistics Branch.

Receiving a Jury Duty Summons in Kentucky

If your name is randomly selected because that the jury pool through the process described above, you obtain a jury summons in the letter instructing you to show up for jury selection on a pre-set day.

While there space a few excuses for gaining out of jury choice in KY, most human being summoned will need to report to the courthouse because that the following stage that the juror selection process, voir dire.

The Juror selection Process, or "Voir Dire"

Just due to the fact that you qualified to it is in a juror and are summoned for jury selection, doesn"t typical that you will certainly be selected to be a juror top top a case. The process of "Voir Dire", the actual action of jury selection, is how judges, defense attorneys, and prosecutors actually select the people who will certainly sit top top the juries for upcoming criminal and civil cases.

During the voir dire process, every lawyer will certainly ask the swimming pool of potential jurors a collection of questions about their background, beliefs, prejudices, or relationship with any type of party to the case. If the score is to pick an impartial jury to render a verdict, each attorney will also seek to exclude any jurors who seem to be much more likely to vote versus their client"s interests. While jury candidates room instructed to be open and also truthful when answering together questions, the juror selection procedure is likewise where most people who don"t great to offer on a trial find a means to be excused from further juror duties.

What happens After Jury choice Day

If you are selected to offer on a jury, you will certainly be noted with the trial date, and must go back to serve on the jury for the duration of the trial and deliberations. If girlfriend were no selected to serve on any jury during the voir dire process, you deserve to go home, and also your Kentucky jury duty duties are complete.

You will obtain nominal Kentucky jury duty pay because that the jury choice day, and also for any days offered on a jury. When your company is complete, you won"t be summoned for jury duty again until Kentucky re-adds you come the potential juror pool.


Jurors reporting because that jury duty or jury choice in the state the Kentucky room expected to dress professionally, in a manner ideal for a court room.

Most courthouses suggest dress ranging from business casual to business attire. Because that men, this means slacks or khakis and also a polo or button-down shirt, potentially with a tie or suit jacket. Because that women, this method a professional-looking pair of trousers or a skirt, cardigan, sweater, twinset, or shirt.

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As a juror, you space expected to keep a professional and also respectable appearance when performing your duties. Hats should never be worn in a courtroom, and you have to avoid attract shorts, t-shirts, tanktops, or anything published with logos or slogans.