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Mix 1 cup the glue with 3/4 cup water. Stir through a craft stick. You’re done!

Really, it is THIS basic to do a solid and fairly mess-free file mache paste! If you desire it thicker, or you want it runnier, just adjust how much water you mix in.

This record mache recipe will make around 1 3/4 cups of record mache paste, i beg your pardon is perfect for many smaller projects. I favor to make it as I require it and also use it.

From right here you can either dive strips that newspaper into the adhesive mixture, or you have the right to stir the in v tissue record pulp if you want to do something the is more of a file mache clay texture.

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Of course, if you desire to mix up much more or less, you absolutely can, just stick come a 1 cup of adhesive to 3/4 cup water ratio.

So, because that example, if you wanted to halve this recipe, you’d use 1/2 cup that glue and also around 1/3 cup that water, with possibly an included tablespoon that water or therefore if needed.

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If you want to double the recipe, you’d need 2 cup of glue and also 1 1/2 cup of water.

I recommend only making small batches for as lot as you require – that means you only have to store the glue, and not a container of watered under glue!

I hope you enjoy this supervisor simple record mache paste recipe, and also of course currently you’re all set to do all sorts of fun record mache projects!

Have you offered this technique for making file mache paste before? carry out you prefer it?

I love how its simple to mix up, is relatively easy to work-related with and I don’t need to worry around things favor flour or cornstarch attracting mice and also other critters.

If you have a recipe for record mache paste that you love, share it in the comments ar below!