What is the best place to watch One Piece? Dubbed or subbed, doesn't matter, but where would I do It? Crunchyroll or Hulu or some other site?

Subtitles or English is fine, I have no preference, but I want to be able to watch all episodes and movies

For me I watch it in Crunchyroll with an adblocker (on pc) because it has episodes on 1080p resolution and it has both dubbed and subbed. Just make sure your using an adblocker so get rid of annoying ads. But if you don't like that here is a list of good anime websites (use adblocker on some):

Edit: Some of the websites are laggy. If you are lagging to much use legal websites : https://filmora.wondershare.com/animated-video/top-anime-websites-to-watch-anime-online-for-free.html

credits: https://www.videosolo.com/tutorials/best-anime-sites.html

should i use a vpn with any of the "non-legal" sites you listed? I tried crunchyrol, but it has a max resolution of 480 for me (i assume because i didnt pay for a membership)

Disregard my last reply, it has up to 1080p if you choose the One Piece Special edition videos until episode 280, then all episodes can go to 1080p. Is there a difference between to regular and special edition besides quality?

Crunchyroll has all episodes and some specials.

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Hulu has a lot of subbed episodes but not every.

Funimation has every dub episode available but I think you need a membership.

Movies as far as I know don’t stream legally as much. I think Funimation might have some behind the membership. You can probably find everything streaming illegally in lower quality somewhere but I can’t help you with that.

Funimation has most of the One Piece movies (except for Gold) and you are correct. I'm pretty sure you need a membership

Really depends, there are some apps on Google play that let you watch one piece and many other Anime

Dubbed is currently farrrr behind the sub they stopped it for a while it’s a couple hundred episodes behind lol so if u want to watch ‘all episodes’ I would watch Sub. Also I think overall sub sounds better but that’s Imo.

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