Elton John showed up on TV special Olivia Newton-John: Hollywood Nights once she invite him to which stage and play a one-of-a-kind version the his 1973 hit, 'Candle In The Wind.'. Picture: NBC
Olivia Newton-John and Elton john sang a duet the 'Candle In The Wind' in 1980 and also it to be absolutely spectacular. Picture: NBC
Elton man was top top TV unique Olivia Newton-John: Hollywood Nights when the beautiful duet took place. Picture: NBC
together the beautiful moment with Elton John, the TV special additionally saw a selection of the biggest and the finest stars the the era collaborate through Olivia Newton-John. Picture: NBC

Alongside the beautiful minute with Elton John, the TV special likewise saw a selection of the biggest and also the finest stars the the era collaborate through Olivia Newton-John.

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Acts ~ above the night contained Karen Carpenter, Andy Gibb, Gene Kelly, Cliff Richard and Tina Turner and included consist of of hits by girlfriend Holly, The Eagles and Grease classics.

Olivia's participation on the night v Andy Gibb came simply a year after ~ the pair offered a chemistry-laden duet of bee Gees hit ‘Rest her Love ~ above Me’.

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Olivia and the youngest Gibb brothers were performing at The Music for UNICEF Concert: A Gift that Song, a gig held to raise money for human being hunger programs and to note the beginning of 1979's global Year that the Child.

Elton John and Olivia Newton-John have actually nurtured a great friendship in the years since they very first sang together. Pictured in 1978 in ~ the Grease premiere party. Picture: Getty

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Taking come the phase on January 9, 1979 the pair sat opposite one other on high chairs and gave a stunningly heartfelt performance of the vulnerable song, bring about them recording a single for Andy's brand-new album just a few months later.

The duo wherein were joined by the bee Gees, rod Stewart, Donna Summer and also ABBA for a beautiful medley the Jackie DeShannon's 'Put A small Bit that Love In her Heart' which to be recorded and televised the following day top top NBC and throughout the world.

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Elton John and also Olivia Newton-John have nurtured a good friendship in the 42-years because they first sang together.

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Elton sustained the star during her breast cancer battle and in 2014 observed him dedicate a tune to the Australian singer in ~ his Melbourne show.

"I respect and also love you so much," Elton claimed to Olivia in the audience.

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"It to be so good to see you prior to the show, spring as an excellent as friend do," adding: "Bless girlfriend forever," prior to breaking into a beautiful rendition of 'Don't permit The sun Go under On Me'.