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In thing 15, Jem, Dill, and Scout search for Atticus , that happens to be sitting exterior of Tom Robinson"s jail cell. Atticus wants to make certain that no one will damage Tom before the trial, and shortly after ~ the youngsters locate Atticus, castle witness a team of...

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In thing 15, Jem, Dill, and also Scout search for Atticus, that happens to be sitting external of Tom Robinson"s jail cell. Atticus desires to make certain that no one will damage Tom before the trial, and also shortly ~ the children locate Atticus, castle witness a team of dusty cars arrive from the Meridian highway. The cars avoid right in former of the Maycomb jailhouse and also a team of men known as the Old Sarum bunch encircle Atticus. They are there to lynch Tom Robinson and the leader that the mob, Walter Cunningham, speak Atticus to relocate out that the way. Atticus speak them to go home, and Scout runs the end from she hiding place. As soon as she enters the circle of men, she mentions the they smelled choose stale whiskey and pigpen. Jem complies with Scout the end of the shadows and Atticus additionally tells him to walk home. Once Jem refuses, one of the members of the Old Sarum bunch grabs the by the collar and yanks Jem turn off of his feet. Scout kicks the man in the crotch and Atticus proceeds to plead v his child to walk home. Scout looks approximately at the mob and mentions the they room dressed in overalls and denim shirt buttoned as much as the collars, with their sleeves rolled down and buttoned at the cuffs. They additionally wear their hats short to disguise your identity. Scout establish Walter Cunningham"s father and attempts to lug on a conversation. She eventually gets his attention, and also Walter realizes the error in his decision. Walter climate tells the mob that it"s time come leave, and they gain in your cars and also drive home.

The Old Sarum bunch to be a group of racism hillbillies that wished to lynch Tom Robinson. Evaluate from their dusty cars, nation dialect, and attire, one can tell that they room poor, uneducated farmers. The Old Sarum bunch obviously has actually violent tendencies due to the fact that they room there to damage Tom, and one the the members is fast to grab Jem. The Old Sarum bunch has a reputation for obtaining drunk and also disturbing the tranquility throughout the county, i beg your pardon is precisely what they carry out in chapter 15. They additionally seem to follow Walter"s lead and also do not make individual decision on their own.