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L21268 -Carved wall Plaque with Breton's Fisherman's Prayer, " five God, thy sea is so good and my watercraft is so small"


This carved and sandblasted coastal residence or yacht plaque through the Breton"s Fisherman"s Prayer, " oh God, her sea is so great and my watercraft is therefore small" , functions a sailboat at sunset. This is a authorize that will organize up for decades in the maritime environment; that is make of waterproof High-Density-Urethane (HDU) and also is painted through long-lasting UV resistant paints . The blue lift is sandblasted with a sandstone texture, and the sign is sculpted in 2.5-D through 4 levels of relief (i.e., height over background). After ~ hand-painting with an artist brush and also airbrush, the authorize is clear-coated double for additional UV protection.This plaque might be placed near on an interior or exterior wall of a residence or within a sailboat or yacht. ,

To check out 450 photos and also designs of other custom sculpted HDU and wood beach house, seashore, coastal home and business signs, and also signs & plaques click on "Return to List" bottom right. Us offer indications with beach, tropical, seashore, and nautical themes, consisting of as artwork beach chairs, palm trees, coast umbrellas, ocean sunsets, sailboats, sea life, fish and also whales, lighthouses, seagulls, pelicans, shells, etc. We also have a an excellent selection of end 30 Quarterboards, many with 3-D artwork. You deserve to search because that a certain sign type on this website by typing in an essential words in the Google find bar in ~ the height of this page.

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We have the right to make this and similar signs native HDU or a wide selection of wood varieties (including mahogany, teak, rosewood, cherry, oak, cedar and redwood). We can make a sign or wall plaque of any type of design in any kind of size native 12 customs ft to 14 ft wide. We have the right to customize these signs with any shape, artwork, border, font style, or shade scheme through engraved or increased text and art of your choice. We can also make sculpted 3-D artwork through a wide selection of stock designs. Monument bases, wrought stole or wooden posts, and also iron role brackets (for hanging signs) have the right to be purchased for mounting this sign (see Product currently 6 and 4).

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for style options, price quotes, and also delivery schedule, and our knowledgeable and also helpful Customer company representatives will respond to your requests quickly .

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