After meeting Zelda and also getting a letter native her, you can satisfy Saria in theLost Woods and learn Saria"s song from her.

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Go to the shed Woods

In Kokiri Forest, climb up the ledgebehind Mido"s House, i m sorry is the very first house top top the left as soon as youenter the Kokiri Forest, and thenclimb increase the vines top top the wall nearby. Walk up the slope to uncover a feet in the wall. Go throughthe feet in the wall surface to reach the shed Woods.

Get a Bigger bullet Bag

To uncover your way through the lost Woods, strategy the holes and also listento the music. As soon as the music gets louder, it way that you room standingnext to the exactly hole. In the N64 version, friend might also be able to tell which means is theright means by looking at the hole. If the hole has a clues of light insideof it, that means that it is the wrong method and it will warp you out ofthe shed Woods. If thehole is a level black color with no clues oflight, it takes friend deeper into the forest. This walk not work in Ocarina of Time 3D.

If you want to quickly reach the destination and skip the upgrades thatyou can find here, then starting at theentrance come the shed Woods,go right, left, right, left,straight, left, right.

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If you desire those upgrades and also items, an initial go right. Then, straightahead there is a huge drum hanging from the tree. Target atthe center and also get three bulls-eyes in a row (they are 100 point out each) to getthe best bullet bag. In the 3DS version, if girlfriend are having trouble aimingwith the activity controls, you have the right to disable movement controlsby pressing Start climate tapping choices to rotate off movement Controls.

Get a item of Heart

Then, climb under to the area below and walkonto the log in that has a circle on it. Skull youngsters will appear on thelog throughout the way. Take the end your Ocarina and also agree come play. Win 3 times,first because that one rupee, then for five rupees, and 3rd for a item of heart.My strategy for this is to play the first couple of notes quickly, not onthe beat, because this offers you extra time if you don"t psychic thefollowing notes appropriate away. Currently climb increase the ladder and also take a right.

Reach the Sacred woodland Meadow and also Learn Saria"s Song

After the owl talks to you, walk right, left, straight, left, right.

Walk into the meadow. A wolfos appears. To death it, let itcome close to you and also then swing your sword, yet don"t let it continue to be close toyou because that too long or it will swing the claws. After you death it, the bars will certainly go down. Walk come the location where thebars had actually been.

Go come the right. You will encounter mad Scrubs follow me this path. Raise yourshield to do the nuts bounce back at them. After a nut access time it, run up toit and hit it through your knife to kill it.

One the the patches of high grass goes straight through the wall. Go throughit and also go come the right. Continue along the path and you will have to jumpinto part water. Swimming acrossto whereby there is another ledge to rise up. Native there, turn appropriate whenyou can, to go up part stairs. Kill the 2 Mad Scrubs up here, then walk up thestairs and also watch a cut scene. Agree to play the Ocarina with Saria tolearn Saria"s Song.

Get a item of Heart

To get out the the lost Woods quickly, you deserve to save and reset to go backto your house in the Kokiri Woods.

Go come the enntrance gate of the lost Woods and turn left native the entrance.Stand on the short stump and play Saria"s tune to make the Skull Kidgive friend a item of heart.

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Go come Kakariko Village

Your next location is Kakariko Village. The enntrance gate to the is in the northeastof Hyrule Field, east of Hyrule Castle.