Number the Stars is the an initial book by Lois Lowry to victory the Newbery Award, and it proceeds to it is in a favourite novel because that young readers. When Number the Stars chapter recaps can offer you understanding into the story, they can"t touch the suffer of reading the book. Lois Lowry has an excellent skill in creating memorable personalities that are fairly believable, which makes the illustration in the publication all the an ext intense.

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chapter Summaries

Number the Stars is a story that focuses on a family in Denmark that is identified to aid a Jewish family to reach safety while under Nazi occupation. The Johansen family aid the Rosen household by taking in their daughter, Ellen.

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The reader takes the view of the a 10 year old, Annemarie Johansen, that demonstrates deep friendship come Ellen. Although Annemarie is not the narrator, the leader looks at the dark events through her eyes.

chapter One

The book opens through a scene in the streets of Copenhagen where 3 girls Ellen Rosen, Annemarie Johansen and also her younger sister, Kirsti. 2 German soldiers protect against the girls, and warn them no to run. The girls reach the Johansen"s apartment to uncover Mrs. Johansen and Mrs. Rosen talking.

Food is scarce since of rationing, and also the girls space hungry. They have to take a new route to school from now on.

thing Two

The next chapter take away readers into the human being of fairy tales as Annemarie starts to call Kirsti a bedtime story around kings and also queens. Annemarie"s thoughts go to her older sister, Lise, who had died in one accident a couple of years ago. Lise"s fiancé, Peter Nielsen, is still unwed and also remarkably serious regardless of his young age.

The thing paints a gloomy photo that parallels a dark fairy story itself.


chapter Three

Kirsti loser a switch from she coat, and goes come a local shop owned by a Jewish household to have the coat fixed. The girls uncover that the keep is closed, and also a sign written in German is in the window. Peter describes that many stores owned by Jewish households are being closed. Annemarie i do not care concerned about the Rosens.

thing Four

The Nazis have a produced a perform of Jews in Denmark, and also they may concerned take them away. Annemarie"s family members decides to take in Ellen and pretend she is just one of their own. Ellen"s parents go into hiding.

thing Five

Soldiers find the Johansens" apartment, demanding to recognize where the Rosen household is. They interrogate the family. Castle ask why Ellen has dark hair while the various other girls are blonde. Mr. Johansen mirrors the soldiers baby pictures of his daughters; Lise"s hair was dark.

chapter Six

Annemarie realizes the her father sometimes talks in password to save the family members safe, and to save the girl from obtaining scared. Mrs. Johansen take away the 3 girls to Gilleleje, and stops at the residence that she prospered up in during the trip.

chapter Seven

The foursome visits Uncle Henrik, that lives near the ocean. Annemarie tells Ellen that she has actually hidden she Star the David necklace in a safe location until that is safe for she to wear the again.

chapter Eight

Henrik speak Annemarie that Great-aunt Bertie has passed away, and also a funeral will certainly be hosted in the home. Annemarie knows the there is no Great-aunt Bertie, yet she doesn"t to speak anything.

chapter Nine

Annemarie confronts Uncle Henrik about the existence of Great-aunt Bertie. Henrik explains that the is sometimes simpler to be brave as soon as you don"t recognize everything. The family continues to prepare because that the mock viewing.

chapter Ten

The expression "number the stars" is introduced in this chapter during a mock mourning ceremony for the fictitious an excellent aunt. Soldiers arrive, demanding to understand why there are so many people in the home, and also why the casket isn"t open. Mrs. Johansen claims that probably the casket need to be open also though the aunt had passed away of typhus.

The soldiers leaving without opening the casket, yet not before hitting Mrs. Johansen for she sarcastic remark. Peter reads a psalm that contains the phrase, "who numbered the stars one by one."

an ext Summaries

Number the Stars recaps of the an initial ten chapters have to be sufficient to inspire you to read the story, and also to encourage children to read it together well. You can find more summaries, and also details around each chapter at Spark Notes.

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read Number the Stars

It"s typical knowledge that books tend to it is in far far better than the movie they inspire. Thing summaries can tell you about a story, yet they fail come tell friend the whole story. Lowry"s mastery that fiction immerses the leader in the book. Follow reading the book with Number the Stars tasks that deepen the experience.

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