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Hi all, I simply searched and also couldn"t uncover anything. On my 2005 Altima 2.5S the I just bought the dashboard lamp shut off once I rotate on mine headlights. The dash lights are on as soon as I rotate the car on, and stay on all the time other than for once the headlights room on. Is this normal, or go the auto I buy obtain rewired in ~ some suggest in that life? Or is part fuse broken?Thanks because that the help.


Nope its not the dimmer, I simply went out and also turned it all the means up and back down. Doesn"t carry out anything to the dash. Something rather is dorn here..
well if the dimmer is on and also wont manage the brightness when the headlights space on then i would certainly guess that a swollen fuse
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Check to check out if the dash lights job-related in the parking irradiate setting. If they execute there, however not v the headlights on, mine bet would certainly be the contacts/wiring in the move itself.
The problem is the dimmer switch it self... I had this problem with mine older maxima. The workers at my shop told me this kinda trouble happens a lot with nissan"s
im having actually the exact same problem yet my gauage cluster and speedo, tach, ect are constantly on complete brightness target my audio and ac lamp dont revolve on at all. And also i cant change my brightness and at the precise same time my to run lights walk out( mine brake lights and all tho work but they perform not illuminate as soon as the head lights room on like they should>) and also i have no blown fuses or melted wires. Any type of ideas
I"m guessing it to be the autodimmer and also he wont recognize it so us dont make fun of that lol. As soon as he i found it it the ""Oooooooohhhhhhhhh" duh lol. Just playing I had that problem my fuse was blown best out the the fuse box . Now my ac irradiate dont rotate on.
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I"m gonna go through a damaged dimmer move too. But prior to you to buy a new switch, make certain the connection is good.
it can be im not sure exactly how to check the dimmer though? ns dont have a multimetter or i would probably be able to that way. However anyways the connection is great and still no control. And i not wanna go spend 70 bucks on this switch if thats not whats not correct so any kind of ideas on just how to test it?
The exact same thing happened to me, lol. I really hope that it"s simply the switch gift turned off! I"ll inspect later.
I have the very same problem, and I change my dimmer switch. However, I have actually a question, once I move to "off" my dash board is still on. I just bought this 2003 altima, therefore I"m wondering is the normal? I read the hand-operated that dimmer switch can manage the light when it is ~ above headlight mode and also parking light mode
I have actually the same problem, and I change my dimmer switch. However, I have actually a question, once I switch to "off" my dash plank is tho on. I simply bought this 2003 altima, for this reason I"m wonder is that normal? I check out the manual that dimmer move can control the light as soon as it is top top headlight mode and also parking light mode
Some kind of DRL issue? If your DRL space on since of the light level, climate it would certainly make sense that the dash would illuminated, even though the parking/headlights stalk switch is set to off.
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Hi all, I simply searched and also couldn"t discover anything. On my 2005 Altima 2.5S the I simply bought the dashboard lights shut off once I turn on mine headlights. The dash lights room on as quickly as I revolve the auto on, and stay on all the time other than for as soon as the headlights space on. Is this normal, or did the automobile I buy gain rewired in ~ some suggest in the life? Or is some fuse broken?Thanks for the help.
top top the drivers side, the left the the wheel by the popular music trunk button next come it there is a scroll thing scroll it every the way up
I have a 2004 Nissan maxima as soon as I begin the vehicle my dash plank light room fine once I have to use mine head lamp my dash board light turn off . I’m brand-new with cars and this is freaking me the end .
I have actually a 2004 Nissan maxima once I begin the auto my dash board light space fine as soon as I need to use mine head lamp my dash plank light rotate off . I’m brand-new with cars and this is freaking me the end .

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Did you ever discover out what to be wrong? mine radio doesn"t job-related on even light up when I revolve my headlights on. When I revolve my headlights off, the radio comes earlier on. 2009 Sentra, difficulty just began two job ago. Initial radio. I don"t want to walk to part shop and also they tell me that is a $500 concern when it"s really a fuse or something. Any type of ideas?
I can answer this having just proficient it myself through a battery change. It"s not almost everywhere in the handbook and also I cannot think I can"t uncover it online. The is not an issue with anything; simply a stupid design flaw that Nissan. Because that reference, I have actually a 2011 Nissan Sentra SE.You desire to look at the odometer switch that you press to reset the mileage. Fairly than pushing it, you desire to revolve it (you"ll view there"s a little sort of virtually "sunburst" image next come it) and also that will readjust the bright of your dashboard. Don"t fiddle v the yes, really dimmer top top the steering wheel; that won"t help. Simply twist the knob to the right until you with the desired brightness level and also voila. Light once much more on her dashboard and radio controls once the headlights space on.Hope the can help
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