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Ok, for this reason I"ve obtained a grind noise coming from something as I make LH turns.. Classic worn wheel bearing noise. So, since I spend my work on tools, ns ring around a pair of garages for a price to change the bearing/hub assembly, due to the fact that who presses bearings in this days, and also am told around CA$500 because that the component and one hour
$100 for fitting. I"m swollen away.. $500??!!So I examine out RockAuto - $100-150 bucks for the assembly through all the sensor wires and everything.. To be I absent something?I know this is a fairly easy project so to be inclined to execute it myself also tho I"d really quite notThanks in advance

I"m walk to take it a wild guess and say the Rockauto component is make in China.
Ha.. Maybe.. Sorry, i misquoted prices however even the many expensive one, a Raybestos, is just 200 bucks.. SKF in ~ 175..

I think markups got outta hand part time ago. Simply the way things space nowadays. That"s why I perform almost every one of my own work. Even if ns don"t know how. Having to carry out it over due to the fact that I fubared the is still cheaper and I know exactly what was done. Go ahead, perform it yourself. It"ll it is in fun.

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Think twice about buying 2.5" Radflos - even for minimal off road usage like myselfMy construct Thread DIY: $15 High-Lift mounts for her Utilitrack
Murphy - Yessir! 2005.. Many thanks for the tipZedbra - No worries, i don"t buy cheap. Target for finest value - great enough top quality for not too much money
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I just replaced mine front hubs on my "99 Mustang GT with the Timken devices from RockAuto. They space high top quality pieces yet (unfortunately) are not made in the USA. Ns was shocked to open up the box and find "MADE IN southern KOREA" stamped ~ above them.Here is a link to the Frontier hubs - room $121.79 ea with a new sensor contained (4WD).
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