We room making a three night road pilgrimage from new Orleans to Houston in around a week's time, and were wondering if everyone has any suggestions for routes or areas to visit and stop ~ above the way. We room mid 30s and like scenic drives, history, museums, wildlife etc. We were reasoning of stopping possibly at the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge one night, then port Arthur, climate Galveston?? any kind of suggestions for an excellent B&Bs or many hotels welcome? thanks everyone.

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The drive from new Orleans to Houston on I-10 is approximately 5 hours. Using united state 90 come Lafayette, fairly than I-10, will include another hour come that. If friend visit the Rockefeller Refuge, port Arthur, and also Galveston, you'll include another 2-3 hours to the trip, which will certainly make for a lengthy day.

That having actually been said, the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge is worth a visit, as is the Sabine Wildlife Refuge. Over there isn't a good deal to watch in harbor Arthur and the water at Galveston is usually muddy close to the shore.

I'd suggest your taking I-10 from new Orleans come Rayne, i m sorry is simply west that Lafayette. That will put you cross the Atchafalaya basin on a 35 mile elevated roadway (called the basin Bridge). You'll also cross the Henderson Swamp, which is, in my opinion, wonderful scenery. If you take LA 35 south from Rayne, you'll it is in driving v rice fields and also crawfish farms. Remain on LA 35, with Kaplan, till you acquire to Forked Island, wherein you'll choose up LA 82, which will certainly take you previous the Rockefeller Refuge.

Continue west ~ above LA 82, which will take you with Cameron, ruined twice in the previous 5 years by hurricanes Rita and Ike. You'll cross the Calcasieu delivery Channel (River) at Cameron on the complimentary ferry and continue on through Holly beach (which was likewise destroyed twice), riding follow me the Louisiana coast to the Texas border, whereby LA 82 i do not care TX 82. You'll go with Port Arthur, wherein you deserve to stop if you great to carry out so.

From harbor Arthur, take TX 73 come Winnie. In ~ Winnie, you'll need to decide even if it is to stay on I-t0 to into Houston or to rotate south top top TX 124, which runs follow me the Texas coastline to harbor Bolivar, where you'll capture the free ferry across Galveston Bay. If you're riding along the coast, you'll notification that the brand-new construction in locations that were wiped the end by Hurricane Ike is being built a minimum of 15 feet above the ground.

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As i noted, it could be a lengthy day. If you decide to bail the end on the sightseeing, Winnie, TX is a an excellent place to do so.