The chief ingredient of proteins, these room acids that contribute to protein synthesis. Amino acids are created when large proteins molecules room digested.

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Yellow or organ fluid produced by the liver and also stored in the gallbladder. It travel from the gallbladder into the small intestines to aid digest fats.
Pertaining come bile or influence the bile ducts. Bile ducts empty bile right into the tiny intestine (duodenum).
Four point, dog-like (canine method dog) teeth. Each canine or cusped tooth is 3rd from the midline of the jaw.
The process of breaking down facility foods into simpler substances that have the right to be took in into the bloodstream v the wall surfaces of the tiny intestine.
The tubular device relating come the stomach and intestine beginning with the mouth and also ending with the anus.
New operation opening in between the stomach and the jejunum; one anastomosis. The procedure is component of a gastric bypass surgery.
Storage form of glucose (sugar); that produces glucose as soon as it is broken down (glycogenolysis) in liver cells.
Surgical building of an synthetic opening native the ileum come the outside of the body with the ab wall.
Hormone secreted by specialized cells in the pancreas. Insulin facilitates carry of sugar from the blood into body cells.
Laparoscopy intuitive (endoscopic) check of the abdomen and ab organs through little abdominal incisions.
Large, reddish-brown body organ in the right upper quadrant (RUQ) that the abdomen. It secretes bile, creates blood proteins and metabolizes fats, proteins and also sugars.
Membrane that holds the intestine together; a wrinkles of the peritoneum attaching the small intestine come the dorsal (back) human body wall.
Sixth, seventh and also eighth this from the center or either side of the dentist arch. The many posterior molar is well-known as the wisdom tooth.
Roof of the mouth; tough palate is the former bony section and the soft palate is the posterior fleshy part near the throat.

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A procedure supplied to treat cases of snoring or sleep apnea caused by obstructions in the neck or nose.