H&R 1871 inc Pardner single Shot Shotguns H&R 20 Ga Pardner/26" Blue Barrel w/Full choking & Hardwood stock The H&R Pardner dead on one honored tradition in American shotguns. This rugged single shot has proven its precious in the field. It opens up smoothly as soon as you press the lever, and also locks up tight as a bank vault door. Move Bar System stays clear of accidental discharge, and each total comes complete with its own special locking maker for added safety in storage or in transport. SPECIFICATIONS:Mfg item Num: SB1020 Category: guns - SHOTGUNS action :Break open (Single Shot)Gauge :20Barrel length :26"Capacity :1Chamber :3"Length :41"Weight :5 come 6 lbsDrop :1 1/2"

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approximated Shipping Weight: 7.850
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