Naked and also Afraid is a hit united state reality series that test contestants’ survival skills when they room left in a remote location for 21 days come fend for themselves.

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All they are allowed is one personal item, such as a hatchet or a fire starter, but aside native that, they should survive without clothes, food, shelter and also water because that the term of the challenge.

Survivalists have the right to ‘tap out’ at any allude during the 21-day challenge, however if they choose to walk all the method they should arrive in ~ the designated extraction allude on the last day to be gathered by a helicopter or boat.

Bug bites, isolation, and food poisoning are just some that the troubles survivalists need to face however do contestants get paid for your trouble?

What is the Naked and Afraid prize?

There is in reality no cash prize for appearing on the show.

Unlike the winners of Survivor who get $1 million because that battling it out in a game of survival on an uninhabited island, those showing up on Naked and Afraid are claimed to believe that money is no the main variable for wanting to show up on the show, rather they actually desire to uncover out if they have the right to survive in the wilderness.

As Season 2 contestant, Jeff Zausch explained: “What I always say is ‘This is who we are. This is what we are made of’. Some civilization were do to it is in race vehicle drivers. Some world were, girlfriend know, do to it is in CEOs that companies. We were make to press the limits of what’s humanly possible”.

Although over there is no actual cash prize for winning the show, the contestants room compensated for your time. Spreading Director, Kristi Russell revealed that participants are provided a ‘weekly stipend to compensate because that their lost wages’ from your day jobs which quantities to $5000 in cash.

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They are likewise given flight tickets to and also from the survival an obstacle location, alongside 2 nights paid because that in a hotel.

Watching naked and also afraid for the an initial time and also you typical to phone call me there’s no cash prize for this shit??

— Michael