Degenerative meniscus tears are incredibly widespread. Many kind of adults over 55 have actually one and also will certainly not recognize it. Surgery for degenerative meniscus tears is seldom crucial. Most research reflects that human being do just as well with physical treatment. This post will carry 2 messages, both equally important. First, surgical treatment is seldom necessary for degenerative meniscus tears. Perhaps even more essential is that when your knee feels much better, and also it may take numerous months, you need to try to go back to your normal tasks.

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Think about this second statement for a minute. If you had actually an episode of knee pain, and you had actually an MRI which revealed a degenerative tear; even though you currently feel much better you might not go back to being active bereason you are afrhelp of harming your knee. Arthritis and also various other problems worsen, even if you are at bed remainder. Meniscus degeneration and tearing are no different. It is even more of a organic issue than a mechanical worry. Meaning that you cannot stop the process, so you can as well reprimary energetic.


Why would you desire to sluggish dvery own your tasks which are decreasing your risk of diabetes, excessive weight, dementia, hyperstress, heart disease, and also stroke? Rest comes through a heavy burden via respect to your as a whole health and wellness.

Recent study about degenerative meniscus tears and surgery:

The meniscus is a cushion inside your knee. It aids in the stcapability of the knee and also minimizing the tension across the knee, for this reason minimizing the threat of emerging osteoarthritis.

Meniscus tears are very common. Although meniscus tears take place in all age groups, they are a lot of widespread in adults over 55. Tbelow are many type of different forms of meniscus tears. By much the many common tear is a degenerative tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus.


An write-up publiburned in the New England also Journal of Medicine out of Finland studied patients with degenerative meniscus tears. They stupassed away whether the outcomes of an arthroscopy (surgery) was better than a sham surgery (where the patient is carried to the operating room and thinks they had the surgery).

As publimelted in the NY Times,The authors uncovered …

A renowned surgical procedure (arthroscopy) worked no better than fake operations in helping world through one kind of common knee problem (degenerative meniscus tear), suggesting that hundreds of human being may be undergoing unvital surgery.

The Wall surface Street Journal posted a similar short article, and led off by saying…

A fake surgical procedure is simply as great as genuine surgical procedure at reducing pain and also various other symptoms in some patients enduring from torn knee cartilage

These findings are not brand-new, however in this atmosphere possibly they will certainly shine a light on the over-treatment of degenerative meniscus tears. In 2007 a research proved that the outcomes from an arthroscopy for a degenerative meniscus tear were not exceptional to a oversaw exercise routine.

What is a degenerative meniscus tear?

Degenerative tears occur because as we age, or bereason of our genetics — our tissues sindicate wear out over time. A degenerative tear is frayed, worn out tproblem that looks choose the worn out area on the front of your blue jeans. It has actually extremely little bit character, and the tworry is thin, soft, versatile, and also looks worn out as soon as we check out it at the time of surgery. Many of these transforms we see in the meniscus we think about to be “age-appropriate.” We accept thinning hair, the require for glasses, sreduced running times, and so on… however none of us suppose that our inner structures are showing signs of aging also.

For many many years, I have spoken to human being about the truth that many meniscus tears, specifically degenerative meniscus tears execute not often require surgery.

Do I Need Surgery For a Degenerative Meniscus Tear?

Many kind of patients are under the assumption that bereason somepoint is torn, therefore it should be fixed. That is not the situation for many kind of concerns in Orthopedic Surgery. This paper on the non-surgical monitoring of degenerative meniscus tears versus surgical administration is yet one more in a collection of documents that supports the non-surgical administration of degenerative meniscus tears, particularly in the setting of osteoarthritis. Despite how major your pain is at the oncollection of your symptoms, commonly within a few weeks, your knee feels a lot much better if controlled by physical treatment, ice, heat, and also anti-inflammatory medication (if you toleprice it).

It should be pointed out. The authors of the paper stupassed away degenerative meniscus tears. They did not research the even more unusual “radial”, “flap”, or “bucket-handle” tears that have the right to happen in the meniscus. These various other tears deserve to be much more “unstable” and also produce mechanical symptoms such as instcapacity, buckling, and offering way. In those instances, a meniscal repair, or removal of the torn flap will more than most likely be necessary.


This was a critical post about the management of this kind of meniscus tear, but more research studies are necessary. The take-house message is simply that all meniscus tears carry out not require surgical procedure. Degenerative meniscus tears are generally regulated well without surgery.

Have realistic purposes around your recoincredibly.

Very few of your orthopedic worries will solve in less than 3 months. Many kind of of you were told that if your pain persists for 4-6 weeks you should take into consideration surgery. I would certainly suggest that you wait much longer than that. With 25 years of treating civilization under my belt, I have the right to tell you that the majority of civilization were glad that they waited longer prior to relocating forward with surgery. Surgery might actually bring you closer to a knee replacement. Surgery for degenerative tears will certainly not decrease your chances of developing osteoarthritis. If you execute pick to proceed through surgery for a degenerative meniscus tear it need to be because:

your pain persists after an extensive period of non-surgical administration,it was a top quality of life decision…and your surgeon told you that you have actually little or no arthritis in your knee.

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When your visit through your doctor be sure to ask what type of tear you have actually. If you possess a degenerative tear, without any type of of the “mechanical” symptoms we pointed out — you need to seek non-surgical procedure at first— and also a few months later on I think you’ll uncover that you’re glad that you did.