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Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert (27) dunks the ball throughout an NBA basketball game versus the Phoenix Suns at the Vivint Smart residence Arena in Salt Lake City on Monday, march 25, 2019.
SALT LAKE CITY — Rudy Gobert has a place in the NBA document books.

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The Utah Jazz center entered Monday night’s game against the Phoenix Suns tied for the most dunks in a single season, and he pass Dwight Howard’s mark of 269 through 4:42 remaining in the 2nd quarter.

Perhaps it to be fitting the the dunk come on a pat Gobert attributed as the greatest reason he’s had actually so plenty of slams this season. Donovan Mitchell carried the sphere up the floor, Gobert collection a pick for him at the 3-point line and also rolled tough to the basket.

Suns facility Deandre Ayton then had the task of trying to avoid both a Mitchell journey to the rim and also a lob to Gobert. He opted to focus on Mitchell, who lobbed a pass over his outstretched arms and Gobert slammed the home.

Those high lob passes have been a clip of the Jazz’s violation this season after ~ head coach Quin Snyder and also his staff last summer figured out it as something that could be effective.

“I think mine teammates have actually done a great job recognize me this year compared to critical year,” Gobert claimed Monday morning after ~ Utah’s shootaround. “I have way more lobs, method more high overcome this year, and also it place me in a an excellent position to finish. I think it’s a an excellent offensive play. The hard, and it place a many pressure top top the defense.”

According come the subscription-based website clean The Glass, entering Monday, 39.2 percent of all the Jazz’s shots this season had come from four feet or closer to the basket, good enough for fifth in the NBA. A lining 89 percent of Gobert’s complete shot attempts had actually come from the close.

While the team had already been search lobs come Gobert regularly, a conversation Snyder had actually with hall of Famer man Stockton a couple of months back affirmed in his mind that it was a good idea to keep doing it.

“I have a great idea,” Stockton claimed to Snyder. “Throw the where only Rudy can get it.”

Snyder detailed that it takes a good deal of togetherness to finish alley-oops, but the team has actually bought in.

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“Something that needs that level that connectivity, they just need to execute it together, and also our guys adopted it, and I think they known that that something the can aid our team,” that said. “I think Joe (Ingles), Ricky (Rubio), Donovan, every those guys, really adopt throwing that pass.”

Gobert, that knew he just needed one dunk to set the document Monday however said he no think around it too lot when that happened, sees it together his obligation to finish what a passer starts.

“I think it took united state to a different level offensively,” he said. “When someone throws an alley-oop and you finish, anyone happy, the one who makes the pass and the one through the dunks. It’s a great play.”


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