"It looked like an old red lunchbox," states Randall King. "It"d open up up ~ above both sides and also had all these slots for cassettes. He always had that filled with standard country gold."

King"s talking about father"s old cassette collection. The elder King was a hay-hauling truck driver, who"d frequently take his young kid out ~ above the road in his "80s Freightliner because that a week at a time. The cab of his father"s truck and that old cassette collection, i m sorry ranged from standard standards like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Lefty Frizzell to neo-traditional risers favor George Strait, Alan Jackson and also Keith Whitley, was an extremely much a nation classroom because that King. Sit shotgun and also singing follow me to the greats that the day to be paramount because that King.

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Fast-forward twenty years and King"s self-titled full-length debut (due out April 27) would certainly fit in nicely amongst his father"s old cassettes. The slow-burning heartbreaker "Mirror Mirror" mirrors King"s cut from the very same old towel as few of his honky-tonk heroes and country balladeers. Built approximately the classic country winter metaphor, "Mirror Mirror" warbles and wails like an old dusty jukebox standard. It"s a sad and also lonesome dance the sways simply right v King"s an effective country croon. There"s a touch the melancholy weaved in that makes King"s delivery that much much more believable and heartwrenching.

Like Frizzell"s "I never Go about Mirrors," King"s "Mirror Mirror" hurts so good. It"s a bruise you push in v your finger just to feeling the press release once you let up. Girlfriend almost don"t mental the heartbreak as soon as King"s the bearer of poor news.

The high and lonesome ballad came to fruition at a Lubbock songwriter retreat two years ago.

"Brandon Adams had come approximately me at the campfire," recalls King. "He claimed he had actually this tune with me in mind. He sang that very an initial line and I was just like "Yes, that"s the one.""

The 2 paired off and also went because that a quiet clues to write while the bulk of your contemporaries went within the bar ~ above site. Sitting on the earlier of King"s tailgate, "Mirror Mirror" began being pieced together. "It wasn"t favor we were in a private room or anything," claims King. "So once Dalton Domino walked exterior for a smoke, he walked on over once he observed us. He finished up cram a pair lines in a verse that simply fit perfectly." later on that night, King wowed his songwriting buddies v an intimate acoustic lay out of the song.

King, is in all senses of the term, a neo-traditional revivalist. Lot like Another Bullet, Randall King find the country crooner pressing forward into new territory by continuous resurrecting the sounds of the past. It"s filled to the brim with acquainted tones and also subject the remind you of country"s classic past.

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King created the new 13-track album himself. There"s a sleek polish on lot of the album while keeping an authentic grit and also atmosphere. There"s a charming swagger to King"s writing format that shines through with happy hooks and fast-paced dancehall ramblers. Still, King reminds you of his hardened job-related ethic and humility, traits he credits come his hard-working family, throughout.

"Ain"t no one done more for me in mine life than him," says King around his father. "Except for Momma. She"s excellent a lot of too."