Good NewsIf you own a 2007-2010 Mini Cooper S end 30,000 mile on the odometer, you’ve likely paid to have the time chain system, or perhaps even the engine, repaired or replaced.

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* necessary – We literally receive hundreds of phone calls per year on this issue. Please keep in mind that uneven you space a business customer of AMC, or live in the state that Maine, or are willing to transport your Mini Cooper below for service, we deserve to not answer questions around out of state vehicles, and would to express you come the the regional Mini Cooper dealer in her state because that assistance. If you space a present customer the AMC, then we will do everything in our strength to assist you v your issue, or properly handle any and all service work.


BackgroundOn the 2007-2011 Minis, the timing chain, critical internal part, and it’s connected drive system, have been failing at a really high rate. Time chains, with proper care, usually last because that the life that the engine. Fail of the chain leads to engine running and also drivability problems, and can an outcome in severe inner engine damage.

As the biggest independent Mini Cooper organization facility in Maine it has been our opinion, and is currently apparently also the opinion of the courts, the this premature fail is a style defect. In ours experience, this is often carried on by the very extended oil change intervals the 15,000 mile (which is why us strongly recommend oil changes on Minis at 5,000 come 7,500 miles).

As PromisedIf you’re an AMC customer, you could recall we said you hold onto your service and also repair paperwork, together we had actually been following this problem an extremely closely, and saw assist on the horizon because that Mini owners.

Good NewsUp till last year there was a class action legal settlement reached with Mini and Mini owners.The negative news is the the class activity settlement is now closed, yet the great news is that you space not on your own! If your vehicle still requirements a time chain repair, we have the right to save you hundreds, and also in one case, thousands of dollars end what the Mini dealer, or other shops charge for this repair. And also we vouch our work-related for 2 year Nationwide because that your peace of mind. Note the in our endure the “N12” engine time chains fail just as often, perhaps more so, 보다 the “S” models.

We Really execute Love MinisFirst, let me start off by sharing that we really LOVE Minis, ask any of our customers, us are really passionate about these cars, they are fun come drive, fairly safe, and generally very reliable. Every car has it’s “Achilles Heel” and also the later on Coopers have actually a big one in the form of time chain failures.

Good NewsThe great news is that, with suitable care and service, even if her Mini has actually suffered a timing chain failure, it have the right to live again…but you need to obtain it into the hands of someone that knows this difficulty inside and also out, a us. Then, as soon as the repair is done, you need to follow a slightly different maintenance schedule to protect against it from occurring again.

The ProblemFirst, Mini doesn’t really identify this is a problem, they’ll hem and also haw around the matter, however not acknowledge it as a pattern failure, not cool. Suffice to say if you space driving in ~ R56 Cooper, with the N12 or N14 engine, the a issue of time, quite than if, you’ll have a timing chain problem…if you follow the traditional Mini oil change interval. See most of this cars space on the Mini service plan, and only having the oil readjusted every 15,000 miles.

Why This HappensWe don’t think that 15,000 mile intervals are a good idea for any car, much much less a smaller sized and greater stressed engine choose a Mini Cooper. The N12 and N14 engine consume oil, any kind of engine go this, and also since they hold just over 4 quarts of oil, it is extremely unlikely that the automobile will make it come the 15,000 adjust interval v all the oil intact.

Go examine Your MiniChances are you’re going come be low on oil in the 7,000-7,500 mile range…we know, practically every Mini the comes in for business is checked and found come be short on oil, go check yours now, and also see how much oil is left. Short oil, and dirty oil…yes, oil it s okay dirty ~ 5,000-7,500 miles, increases timing chain wear, which leader to a very expensive repair, or at times, also engine replacement.

Death RattleWe’ve checked out a surprising variety of Coopers, come in with a knocking noise in the engine, this has actually been called the “Death Rattle”. Need to you listen this noise on your car, do NOT neglect it, we have a auto in the workshop this particular day in i beg your pardon the timing chain has actually failed, damaging the engine. Mini has released a organization kit addressing this problem, the crucial thing to exactly it prior to failure.

Sounds – Cold and also WarmThis noise is specifically pronounced once the engine is cold, sounding practically like a diesel engine v a rapping or knocking noise in between 1500 and 2000 PRM. When the car warms up, the noise will certainly abate to a degree, yet in advanced cases quiet be present even with a heat engine. We’ve had this take place on cars with as little as 12K ~ above the odometer, therefore this is not a high purpose of use problem.

Prevention Is EasyThe ideal thing you can do to protect against this difficulty in the very first place is to change your engine oil and also filter every 7,500 miles, not the Mini norm of 15,000 miles, constantly use a high quality man-made engine oil and also factory filter.

CorrectionFor cars which space in warranty, we deserve to work through Mini to check coverage for this fault, for cars outside of new car warranty, we have actually the ability to correct this for once and also all. Mini has released a business kit addressing this problem, the key thing to correct it before failure. If you have this problem, contact us ideal away, before failure. Remainder assured that we have the tools and also experience to put the fun back in your Mini!

We’re below To HelpThis is not a trouble to left to a basic repair shop, there is a an extremely special…and expensive…set of devices required, and also one demands the knowledge, experience, and training to execute it right, the very first time. That’s what we execute here, we’ve done many Mini time chain tensioner, and timing chain updates, and we know specifically how to carry out it right, the first time, every time. Questions, just speak to us (207) 882-9969, peace of mind, that’s what we do!

Not Yet replaced or timing Chain/Engine Failure?As an AMC customer, we have kept an eye ~ above this trouble in the past, and also will continue to check every time your auto is in for service. If we note a time chain issue, us will call Mini on your behalf, verify guarantee coverage, and also make arrangements for the work-related to be brought out, at no price to you, yep, that’s simply what us do, us wear the white hats.

Already PaidIf you’ve currently paid to have this work-related done, or have actually it done at this time with us, us simply imply that you call Mini through a copy of the business order to the call number or email on the letter for reimbursement.

Read MoreIf you want read more on the Mini Cooper time chain issue, or any type of other usual issues with vehicles we service, be certain to check the “Mini time Chain 101” on ours “Case Studies” web page –

Your Advocate, On your SideAt AMC, because we space independent and locally owned, we room YOUR advocate, and also our team makes a point of checking recalls and also service campaigns from the manufacturer top top every visit, and keeping ours customers up to date.

* important – We literally receive hundreds of phone calls every year on this issue. Please keep in mind that uneven you space a company customer of AMC, or live in the state of Maine, or room willing to transport your Mini Cooper right here for service, we can not price questions around out that state vehicles, and also would to express you to the the neighborhood Mini Cooper dealer in your state because that assistance. If you room a current customer of AMC, climate we will certainly do everything in our strength to assist you with your issue, or properly manage any and all service work.

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QuestionsIf girlfriend have any kind of questions, or need a copy the your service history, please do not hesitate to call us directly. (207) 882-9969.