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Plot: After virtually kissing a sleeping Aoyama, Ichigo suddenly fully transforms into a tiny black cat. She panics and runs away, mindlessly wandering all over town.

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Shirogane and also Akasaka deduce what is happening to Ichigo through some tufts of hair on the floor the the cafe, leading Shirogane come go in search of her.

After running v the roads in the middle of the night, proper escaping the adopt of a creepy masculine cat, Ichigo find herself gift taken in by Aoyama. She flustered by his care, also moreso once he provides her a bath, and also is incredibly tempted to kiss Aoyama in his sleep together he appears to contact her surname in a dream. Ichigo decides to offer him a tiny kiss, but ends up accidentally providing his dog a kiss ~ above the nose instead.

The kiss root cause her revolution back come a human, which only makes her panic more. She manages to wriggle the end of Aoyama’s embrace and tries to escape the end the window. However, Aoyama’s dog do the efforts to monitor her. In an initiative to get him to leave, she makes a little bit too lot noise and also Aoyama beginning to wake up. Right prior to he awakens, the dog again gives her a kiss and also she turns earlier to cat form.

Aoyama goes back to sleep once he sees the the noise was simply the cat and also Ichigo escapes the end the window. As Ichigo laments on the revelation the she’ll never be able to kiss Aoyama again the end of are afraid she’ll it is in ousted as a Mew Mew, the creepy cat from previously shows up and tries come kiss she again. This time, she’s conserved by the sudden appearance that a gray cat with a environment-friendly neckerchief.

Ichigo is suddenly knocked right into a adjacent river and also is conserved by the exact same gray cat, that introduces himself as Alto. When Ichigo comes to, she finds herself challenge to challenge with Shirogane. Alto has actually mysteriously gone absent and Ichigo has inexplicably turned human again.

Shirogane describes that the only method for her to stop turning into a cat when kissed is to complete the Mew Project.


– so the in-canon explanation for why Ichigo is the only one of the Mews that turns right into the complete version that her animal is since she’s raising in ability faster 보다 they are and also ‘maybe it only affects Ichigo, ns don’t know.’ ~ Akasaka.

In essence, Ichigo’s special and the writers are too lazy come come up with a legitimate reason regarding why the others room faltering and don’t go through these changes. Feh.

– Ichigo: “I can’t return to Cafe Mew Mew or home like this…”….Errr….why? walk home and they might let a cute little cat in until they discover its owner (Ichigo has actually both her neck bell and tail ribbon still on, so it’s basic to assume she’d be someone’s pet.)

As because that Cafe Mew Mew….I don’t recognize why she can’t go earlier there at all. That seems favor it would certainly be the absolute finest place to go. They know of this issues. Possibly not this severe, however still. She had no trouble informing them the she gets cat ears and also a tail once she’s upset and that she has cat-like behaviors, why is the so various to show that she completely turned into a cat?

For that matter, why room Shirogane and Akasaka maintaining their suspicions around Ichigo a secret from the other girls? wouldn’t it be much better to call them therefore they deserve to go aid find her? At the very least tell them the end of courtesy simply in instance the very same thing wake up to them?

Why does this whole thing should be therefore secretive besides ‘the plot said so’?

– It’s to be years because I very first watched this show and also I still gain the heebie-jeebies thinking around Ichigo basically nearly getting raped in cat form by a giant creepy-ass cat. I know, this is a children show and also he to be trying come kiss her, however uh, yeah, cat don’t perform kissing. They nothing date. They do the nasty and also don’t ask questions.

– our mid-episode cliffhanger is….Ichigo freaking out because she to trust she’ll be acquisition a bath through a naked Aoyama (and, technically, she’s additionally naked, though her clothes seem to have transformed v her so…??) Stupid cliffhanger excuse out of the way…..they’re 12…..and she a cat. This is very uncomfortable. Also, considering the close to cat rape a minute ago, what the unholy hell is going on v this episode?

– Ichigo, of food he no going to actually take a bath with a cat. Ns sure, like most guys, he prizes his nether regions and would no appreciate the high results of gift naked in a bathtub of water v a cat.

– Ya know, oddly, this is not the first anime i have seen through a mrs character being a black cat, gift taken in by she love interest, and also kissing her love interest while he is sleeping, transforming her into a human……..Not kidding. Sailor Moon at sight S movie. Look that up. (Also, gift fair, in this circumstance, she no succeed in kissing the guy. Quiet counts.)

– This is one of the much more severe problems I always had with this transformation – that kissing is the trigger for it. I provided the initial transformation a pass because it’s been displayed time and also again the Ichigo’s ears and also tail pop out when she gets every hot and also bothered through Aoyama. It renders sense due to the fact that the stress and anxiety or excited of these situations prompts the reaction. Practically kissing him to be too much for her to handle, specifically given recent developments in your relationship.

However, I perform not understand or buy that kissing someone, anyone or anything, transforms her earlier to human. That renders no sense outside of 1) being some goofy fairy tale crap expected to pander come the even younger 보다 usual girls watching this show and also 2) gift a huge plot machine for romantic issues and causing shenanigans.

Why go kissing turn her earlier if practically kissing is what led to it? If stress and also excitement cause the transformation, it just makes sense that Ichigo must transform back when she’s calm. It is what happens when her ears and tail emerge. She calms down and they walk away after a tiny bit.

They could’ve taken the opportunity of her clearly being exceptionally content with the warmth of the hair dryer and being all cozy in Aoyama’s residence to rotate her back. Afterall, she has been freaked out because the instant it happened and was just calm again after her bath and also Aoyama checked out bed.

What’s even weirder is that the kiss have the right to be from fairly literally anyone or anything. Quick peck come a dog’s nose? Works. Same dog puts his challenge on her mouth for no reason? Works.

From this suggest on, kissing anyone or something is the cause for her cat form. Meaning, dunanana romantic pairing roadblock, Ichigo can not kiss Aoyama there is no him knowing her secret. Oh the drama.

– Great, now Ichigo’s being hit on by a random drunk center aged man………..while in cat form…..Was the seriously around to kiss she on the lips? What the hell is wrong v this episode?!

– oh goodie, a reprise the rapist cat.

– Alto is Shirogane. Spoiler alert and also stuff. Only reason ns don’t care around spilling this is due to the fact that this secret identity no matter. Why is he maintaining the truth that he is Alto or has the strength to right into a cat a secret? how does that benefit him? that works through a group of girls that all have actually the powers of threatened animals, and they all get some physical features of the pets when transformed. This stemming indigenous the same project that provided him this ability. I think they wouldn’t treatment much nor would certainly they blab his an enig if that a weak or what have you.

At the very least, you will do think he’d it is in fine telling Ichigo. She’s basically a kindred spirit currently that she have the right to also totally transform into a cat. Why does he acquire a eco-friendly scarf when he transforms into a cat for that matter? and why go his voice seem to change quite a little bit when it happens too? Ichigo sounds the same.

– Shirogane: “Why didn’t you go back to the coffee shop after girlfriend turned right into a cat?!”

Ichigo: “Hey, I’ve had actually it pretty rough tonight too! I had so much trouble ns couldn’t even think of that!”

Uh, yes girlfriend did, you tiny liar. You said to yourself the you can not go ago to your home or the cafe yet you gave no factor why. Seriously, this is a major league plot hole the they stupidly decision to lug up just to screw up in explanation.

– Why is Ichigo not asking just how she’s earlier into human form? They’ve both established that the revolution (back to human anyway) only happens when she’s kissed. She should be able to come to the conclusion the either Alto kissed she or Shirogane did and also the opportunity of the 2nd should be enough to freak her out in embarrassment since Shirogane’s part of Ichigo’s love shape.


This episode was B.O.R.I.N.G. Mine god. So boring. This whole ‘turning right into a cat thing’ is just a flat out plot device meant for shenanigans and to drive a minor wedge between Ichigo and also Aoyama now that they’ve progressed further in your relationship.

The cause for her transformation is simply silly, especially in the transformation back come human. Favor I said, the is fully understandable the it taken place the first time due to the fact that she was damn near having a panic assault while attempting come kiss Aoyama. We’ve developed that she emotions cause mild cat changes in her ears and also tail, therefore the full revolution is understandable. However the truth that the cause is no the emotional state and is completely the kiss is just ridiculous.

What provides it even worse is that Ichigo didn’t even kiss anyone the very first time. She came very close to Aoyama’s lips but plainly transformed before they ever before touched. So possibly it’s an emotional trigger under extreme circumstances but Sleeping beauty, beauty rules everywhere else?

It’s likewise filled through a bunch the uncomfortable scenes and also weird shenanigans like the rapist cat, Aoyama providing Ichigo a bath and also kissing Aoyama’s dog top top the lips.

Nothing vital happens this episode besides establishing things the aren’t really consequential. Alto’s figure is…something ns guess, yet I also never felt the was a an extremely important piece of the plot. Truth be told, I completely forgot that facet of his character till I got ago to this episode. It simply never…matters much. That a link/hint come his backstory, however that’s about it.

What’s even worse is the there’s no Mew Mew activity in this episode….at all. The girls spend the totality of the operation time cleaning up the mess at the coffee shop after the critical attack. Shirogane and also Akasaka talk, mentioning a really far fetched piece of proof that doesn’t make lot sense (She to be leaving her hair behind in ~ the cafe, which command them to think she turned right into a cat, but she didn’t even start transforming until she remained in that ar with Aoyama. Why no just believe it was she tail or ear fur from the fight or something? Why break up she turned totally into a cat?) and also then Shirogane wanders around town searching for Ichigo. Meanwhile, Ichigo spends the episode dicking approximately as a cat. Kisshu and also friends don’t even have so lot as a cameo, and there’s certainly no chimera animal.

Even the many fillery of fillers commonly at least chuck a cheap battle in there, but nope. Ichigo’s Cat Adventures is reportedly a positive spin off.

What does it every amount to, really? simply one much more reason why the super duper necessary to win the aliens and also complete the Mew Project? Well, damn. Castle weren’t really all that invested in doing it before, but now the Ichigo can’t ar her mouth on she boyfriend’s mouth without transforming into Figaro, it’s now imperative to take under those nasty aliens once and for all.

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This has been just one of the best wastes the time I’ve had actually watching one anime episode in a while. The only good spot to be the scene with Aoyama was kinda sweet, but that’s around it.

Rating: 1/10

And due to the fact that it was so much fun, let’s proceed on with slightly much more Ichigo favoritism in the following episode once Ichigo to learn she can talk come cats and makes it she mission to aid one of them. At the very least it looks prefer we acquire a battle in this one.