Early in the play,as that moans around his unrequited love because that Rosaline,Romeouses a simile to compare love toa smoke the arises native the sighs oflovers,perhapssuggesting thatit issimultaneouslybeautiful,potentially suffocating, and challenging to hold onto.

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A man, young lady—lady, together a manAs all the world—why, he’s a guy of wax.(1.3.77–78)

In this metaphor, the Nursetries toconvince Juliet that Paris is a perfect specimen that a man,comparing him come a wax sculpture.

Is love a soft thing? it is also rough,Too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks favor thorn.(1.4.25–26)

Out that favor v Rosaline at the beginning of the play, Romeo rejects the idea the love is tender,comparing that in this simile toa sharpthornpiercingtheskin.

I speak of dreams,Which room the children of one idle brain,Begot the nothing but vain fantasy.(1.4.97–99)

In this metaphor, Mercutiosuggests the dreamsare bornfrom a lazy mental in the same way that childrenare bornfrom their parents.

In this simile,Romeo compares Juliet’sradiant beauty versus thebackdropof night to an earring sparkling against thedark skin of one Ethiopian person.

But soft, what light through yonder home window breaks?It is the east, and also Juliet is the sun.(2.2.2–3)

In this metaphor, Juliet’s appearanceather balconywindowprompts the lovestruck Romeo to compareherradiant beautytothat oftherisingsun.

I have no happiness of this contract tonight.It is also rash, also unadvised, also sudden,Too choose the lightning, i beg your pardon doth stop to beEre one have the right to say “It lightens.” (2.2.117–120)

Juliet reacts skeptically come Romeo’sfirst job of love, to compare its suddenness in this simileto that of lightning, which flicker quickly and then disappearswithout warning.

These violent delights have actually violent endsAnd in your triumph die, favor fire and powder,Which, together they kiss, consume. (2.6.9–11)

Inthis simile, Friar Lawrence advises Romeo to temper his extreme passion for Juliet, warning the their hasty marriage can turn out likea“kiss” between fire and also gunpowder,causing ashort-livedbut violentexplosionthat consumesthem both.

Death lies on her prefer an untimely frostUpon the sweet flower of every the field. (4.5.29–30)

Here lord Capulet offers a simile to compareyoung Juliet’sapparent fatality to that of a beautiful flower killed by an earlywinterfrost.

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Just before stabbing herself with Romeo’s dagger, Juliet supplies a an allegory to compareher human body to the dagger’scase, arguing that she intends because that the dagger to continue to be there permanently.

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