Used outboards, what come look the end for in Mercury motors?

Postby soedesh » sunlight Jan 15, 2012 12:13 pm

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Hi,I desire to start in search of a motor for my Malahini. I was originally thinking that going v the brand-new light Yamaha F70 four stroke, yet owing come them being very brand-new there are couple of used and also the prices room high. I"m start to think around buying an older Mercury 650 or 850 (leaning toward 850). I likewise like the idea of having actually a motor the looks an ext like something native the so late 60s or at an early stage 70s, so i was reasoning of targeting the era.Since ns don"t have any real endure with this, ns was wondering if over there are certain things come look because that in a motor. I"m nice adept mechanically so I have the right to probably fix things yet I"d choose to acquire a motor the is mostly clean and ready to run.Here are several of the things I would put on my great list, please let me know what else to look at for. Because that example, room there any Mercury 850s that must be avoided?"blue band" motor wanted (1973 on, "red band" = 1068-1982)I watch some detailed as "thunderbolt" or with "thunderbolt ignition". I assume this is a plus?long shaft (20 inches) to enhance my transomrunning motor the has been in use, best that can be operation by the owner come demonstratefreshwater just use great overall problem (no pitting or major corrosion, quite cover etc.)clean under coverelectric startpower tilt and trim (this may be negotiable, yet I think I want it)good compression (even throughout cylinders, ~135-150psi?)Mercury controls supplied, with keysharness suppliedprop supplied (nice to have)bill of sale for motor (is this needed?)Thanks!

Re: used outboards, what come look the end for in Mercury motors?

Postby jeffh » sun Jan 15, 2012 12:41 pm

I can"t yes, really answer the questions about the old Mercs, but there is a place in CT that ns have spoken with about re-manufactured outboards. I believe this is their site: were really responsive to my questions. That takes about 6-wks to obtain an engine native them. I wound up acquiring my engine someplace else.I think Fergal has horded all the quite Merc parts over in Ireland

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Re: supplied outboards, what to look the end for in Mercury motors?

Postby Feckless » sunlight Jan 15, 2012 1:17 pm

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Biggest point I found when ns bought my 1978 700 Mercury (blue band) was someone tried to run newer format (hotter) plugs. Motor barely ran therefore I bought it because that under $250. This older motors do no have powerful enough systems, the coil ns believe, to power hotter plugs. Talk to older watercraft mechanics lock can give you a perform of the ideal plug sizes. When I installed colder plugs, mine motor runs great. Also absent keys, harness, or controls room not a large deal. A tiny wiring chart research, you can install a brand-new ignition and also most newer wiring harnesses are quickly adaptable. Buying old motors can be a gamble, mine hadn"t operation for ripe years expense me a complete of $760 and runs great. An excellent luck!