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The factor why I started using MMO is because my 3.2L started to make that renowned tapping sound in the beforehand morning or once it really, really cold. I"ve use an additional product yet I can"t discover it anymore. So i heard about MMO and also decided to use it. I see to gain the best results from MMO I had actually to eliminate my old oil then change 1 quart with MMO and 4 quarts would be the oil of selections Gastrol GTX High mileage 5w30. To me the HM oil is simply a promotion could be better off with regular GTX oil.Anyway ns ran the vehicle like regular at 80Mph to obtain to work and then back for a week. I didn"t hear the tapping.. After two weeks ns did examine the oil level. As MMO will totally free up the sticking worth making the noise and also release the junk the end the exhaust pipe. Doing so drop the oil level down. I had actually added component GTX HM oil and component MMO to the mix. Next morning it got to 43F and also I began the automobile for work and the tapping to be gone! Been prefer ever due to the fact that 2 main ago. MMO states you need to put their product in the gas tank. Ns did shot Acetone because that a main didn"t see any improvements. So i was type of ago off utilizing MMO in the gas tank. So i gone back Wal-Mart and also go a 6oz glass measuring container dirt cheap!Pick-up 2 an ext quarts that MMO, type of tough finding that on the shelve choose before. Anyway because I have 17 gallon tank and they speak to usage for every 10 gallons 4oz. Therefore I added 5oz to my tank utilizing those cheap orange funnels sold at Wal-Mart Auto means in the back hidden on in ~ the rear of the aisle for .97 cent. I figure they don"t desire you come buy the so castle hide it..I gained one because that the oil also.. I say much better off buy two of them, you never ever know just how handy castle come in. I had one prior but my dog walk to it...So MMO is in the gas tank what next... ~ a week of making use of it in the tank my pilgrimage computer, DTE, MPG an etc.. Compass, TEMP gauge mirrors that mileage has actually increased by 4. Avg to be 22.2 then it gone to 26. I cruise in ~ 75 come 80mph in the left lane whereby I can get away through it without a radar detector. Quiet gas purpose of use seems better when I use it. Once I don"t usage MMO it appears lower. For this reason I"ve determined to store on using the ingredient to store the injectors clean and everything does help as gas is for this reason high now.One much more area come cover is the transmission. MMO states you can include 16oz come the transmission. So ns did just that! favor in the oil and now in the transmission it’s claimed to make the car run smoother. Does it? well to me it does. I really had actually put this stuff to the text in my wife little 16V DOHC engine the consumes oil but doesn"t burn it. Nothing take place really but kind of difficult to tell together her engine has actually gone though a many 180,000 miles. I think only specific cars have the right to get good results native MMO. Intrepid is just one of them...For the Winter i going to use MMO in my 2 Heating OIL tanks together MMO says that for ever 100 gallons of diesel oil girlfriend can include 1 quart. So I have 525 Gallon..

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I going to give it shot as it"s suppose to advanced the BTU level and also making girlfriend use less oil..Next project!Btw it appears Wal-Mart isn"t selling 1 quart 32oz $3.23 the MMO no longer it"s currently 16oz $2.65. They much better go earlier to the quart together it was cheaper to buy 1 rather of two 16oz.