What is the fair industry value for a Marlin design 25 bolt activity clip fed rifle in .22 cal.Comes through Tasco 4 X 15 placed scope. This is a brand-new gun - never fired - initial clip - new box. Comes v "stated $30.00 hardcase - pic available but not had here. Much more photos available if needed........ Thanks for helping.......... Bruce


Thank girlfriend Mike - Figured something like that and would possibly go a little higher but it"s on pistol Broker and I"m fear it will certainly go for a lot more than a same price...... Have actually not bid on that so will certainly wait and see...... Tough to find something now. I desire to stay with a bolt although I have seen some semi-autos but just don"t want to start there - old fashioned i guess......... Anyway, thanks for the info...... Bruce