We really room in the final stretch now. Tiny-Huge Island is the 13th course of Super Mario 64, and the critical in the castle top lobby.

13 could be ominous for some, yet it"s no so bad in Mario 64 - Tiny-Huge Island is just one of the ideal levels in the game. It has a unique gimmick, which is that you have the right to be tiny or huge. Hence the course name. That means giant Goombas, and also tiny, not authorised Goombas. Friend swap dimension in-course through hopping into a pipe.

The course is in a room off the upper lobby the the castle, and also there"s two paintings - a small one and a huge one. Get in through the small one and the island will be small, therefore you"ll it is in big. Go into through the huge one and... Well, you obtain it, I"m sure. Here"s the stars:


Tiny-Huge Island Star 1: Pluck the Piranha Flower

You should be huge, so get in the tiny painting. There"s 2 islands here - hop across to the an initial one, climate to the next, where there"s a pipe and also Piranha Plants. By being huge, you can hop these huge gaps easily. Currently hop in the pipe to end up being small. Currently you"re top top a larger island with two huge Piranha Plants. You have to defeat all the plants right here - that"ll generate a flower.

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Tiny-Huge Island Star 2: The Tip top of the huge Island

You basically should work your way to the height of the island, i m sorry isn"t as high as part levels in the game. You can do this whatever way you want, however we think the easier means is to begin on the tiny island, head to the Piranha tree island, then job-related your means around. Yet you start, you"ll have to be tiny Mario top top the vast island to actually get the star, i m sorry is inside a ! Block.

Tiny-Huge Island Star 3: Rematch v Koopa the Quick

It"s been a long, lengthy time because Bob-omb Battlefield, however Koopa the quick is earlier again! discover him top top the substantial island and chat to him to begin the race. As usual, win without taking any unfair shortcuts (like the cannons) in order come beat him and win the power star.

Tiny-Huge Island Star 4: 5 Itty Bitty Secrets

There are five mystery spots hidden throughout the island. All are surprise on the Tiny variation of the island, wherein Mario is huge. What the keys basically space is touching small holes that tiny Mario can walk through on the vast version the the island yet are too large for this Mario on the tiny island. They space as follows, and can be ordered in any type of order:

The hole because that the cannonThe hole the Mario uses to acquire through native the starting area on huge Island - however only indigenous the non-starting sideAt the enntrance gate to Wiggler"s cave at the optimal of the islandAt the enntrance gate to the red coin cavern near the sandy part of the islandAs you climb up the island, the hole where the big steel balls arise fromTiny-Huge Island Star 5: Wiggler"s Red Coins

We touched whereby you must go as component of the last star. As small Mario, head to the cannon and launch yourself at the nearby tree. The Bob-omb buddy is on the other side that the island, if you need to unlock the cannon. Drop down from the tree after ~ firing come it and also walk throughout the thin wooden bridge to an opening. Head inside and grab the 8 red coins - nobody are concealed out the the way.

Tiny-Huge Island Star 6: do Wiggler Squirm

For this star to begin with, us recommend beginning as large Mario again - this will certainly make it simpler to climb as much as the top of the mountain once again. Usage the surrounding pipe at the peak to rotate small, and now go to the pool at the peak of the mountain. Ground pound it to create a hole, then go inside. Within, you"ll battle classic Mario adversary Wiggler. Beat it to gain its star.

Tiny-Huge Island Star 7: collect 100 Coins

Tiny-Huge Island is technically two levels in one: the small level and the large level. That means a huge number of coins thanks to enemies and also the layout that the level.

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There"s almost 200 coins throughout both levels, every told, so getting the 100 needed need to be very easy. Don"t forget the 15 blue coins available!