In this activity, students must depict the personalities of the story, payment close attention to the physical and also character characteristics of both significant and young characters. Students should carry out detailed information regarding the character’s actions and also how they affect other characters. In addition, students have the right to identify just how the key character readjusted over time.

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Characters consisted of in the personality map are:JessLeslie BurkeMay BelleMiss EdmundsJanice AveryGary FulcherBrendaEllieMomDadBill and also Judy BurkeMrs. MyersJoyce AnnMiss BessiePrince Terrain
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Student Instructions

Create a character map because that the significant characters.

Identify the major characters in bridge to Terabithia and type their names right into the various title boxes.Choose a character to stand for each that the literary characters.Select colors and a pose suitable to story and character traits. Select a step or lift that provides sense for the character.Fill in the Textables because that Physical/Character Traits, how Does This Character adjust over Time, and also What obstacles Does This character Face.Save often!
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Grade Level 4-5

Difficulty Level 2 (Reinforcing / Developing)

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Type the Activity: personality Map

Common main point Standards


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personality Map template
Create a personality map that the personalities in the story. Placed the character"s surname in the location boxes and also choose a character and also scene to stand for each one. Together you read, take notes on the personalities by answering the questions.
knowledgeable 33 point out emerging 25 points start 17 point out

Character snapshot & Scene
The characters and scenes room both suitable for the book"s characters.
Many of the characters and also scenes match the book"s characters.
More than half of the characters and also scenes do not match the personalities in the book.
Accuracy of Notes
Most the the details of the note is correct.
Many of the notes have correct information, but some are incorrect or missing.
Less than fifty percent of the info of the notes is correct and relevant.
Work is complete, thorough, and neat.
Most of the sections of the character map were at least attempted and also work is presentable.
Character map is unfinished and/or disorganized.
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