little strokes fell great oaks

proverb Large, seemingly impossible tasks can be completed or accomplished through small, steady efforts. A: "This sue is therefore huge, I simply don"t see just how we"ll have the ability to get v it!" B: "We simply take that one step and one day at a time, taking treatment of what us can, once we can—remember, little strokes fell good oaks." I thought I"d never have the ability to pay turn off my student loans, but small strokes fell great oaks, and also after 20 years, I"m finally debt free.See also: fell, great, little, oak, stroke

Little strokes fell great oaks.

Prov. Girlfriend can finish a large, intimidating job by steadily doing small parts of it. Jill: How can I possibly write a fifty-page report in 2 months? Jane: just write a small bit every day.

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Little strokes fell good oaks.See also: fell, great, little, oak, strokeSee also:

Little strokes fell good oaks

Meaning even though something might seem impossible, if you break it increase into little parts and also take one step at a time, you will certainly succeed.
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