If you"re looking to dominate The Dark palace in The Legend of Zelda: A connect to the Past, these tips will guide you v every step.

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The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past is a classic installment in the world-renowned franchise. The game revolves around the concept of 2 worlds, Dark and Light, to adjust on top of each other. Connect switches in between these two people throughout the story. Both human beings are mirror images of each other with little differences. Because that example, shops in the Light human being have much better options and prices 보다 those in the Dark World.

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As part of the Dark people experience, connect must uncover his way into the Dark Palace and also destroy the evil the lies within. Because that the many optimal experience, discover the world approximately the palace before entering it and also find an effective items to aid on the journey.

10 Visit the Faerie Fountain

A link to the previous Faerie Fountain
simply south of the Dark royal residence gardens is a cavern home come a faerie fountain. These magical fountains revitalize Link and restore health. The Dark royal residence is a prolonged dungeon filled with danger, making the fountain and also excellent an initial stop prior to the trip begins.

Luckily, there are no requirements or conditions to accomplish in order because that this fountain come open. Merely walk in and also interact with the fountain.

A link to the previous Inventory Screen
Northwest that the Dark palace is things Shop the takes the ar of the Magic Shop indigenous the irradiate World. Due to the fact that this is the Dark World, even the shops space a bit evil.

The item Shop offers one potion, one shield, and a cluster of bombs. The difficulty is the the potion and bombs are much more expensive than they room at normal shops. Additionally, the shield is of inferior quality. Do purchases in the Light people whenever feasible and only use a Dark World merchant when for sure necessary.

A link to the previous Dark people Overworld
In A connect to the Past, there are special NPCs well-known as Storytellers. 2 of this strange us reside approximately the Dark Palace. The Storytelling Tree resides in a dwelling close to the Dark Palace. And the Storytelling Bird resides in a cave south that the palace.

because that a price the 20 rupees, the Storytellers offer an important insight and tips. The Storytelling Tree explains the legend that the Triforce, and the Storytelling Bird hints about an eerie rock circle come the north.

A link to the past Quake Medallion
In the lake north of the royal residence resides a mysterious rock circle. There"s no much approximately it that suggests what to do other than an ominous sign. The warns versus throwing items into the circle.

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with a warning prefer that, there"s just one thing to do. Take the sign and also throw it right into the circle! ~ above doing so, a fish appears and also rewards connect with the Quake Medallion. This an effective item grants the hero the capacity to slam the master Sword into the ground, causing an earthquake. Having actually this capability comes in handy throughout the Dark Palace.

among Link"s first goals in the Dark world is to reach the Dark Palace. The journey involves traversing a huge maze full of thorns and also having at the very least 110 rupees in ~ the ready. Start by adhering to a series of arrows till they end. Past the arrows, seek out small holes within the thorn that can indicate a path to continue.

~ above accessing the main maze, go into it indigenous the top and find Kiki the monkey. Offer him 10 rupees, and also he travel guide you come the entrance. Through Kiki"s help, connect enters the palace.

The an initial floor of the Dark Palace is made up of 12 rooms. Look out for Helmasaurs and also random puzzles transparent the floor. The major goal here involves collecting the tricks needed to proceed through locked doors.

Link also encounters new enemies well-known as Terrorpins or Pometts beforehand on. Stop them until attach finds things that penetrates your shells.

Midway v the very first floor, link finds a dark room that requires a torch to light the way. The room homes a maze with several enemies. In the top left edge is a chest the bombs and also in the lower right, a small Key. Find a dead finish along the right wall surface and use a bomb come blast through to the following room.

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go into the hidden room and also find a Dark civilization treasure referred to as The Magic Hammer. This magical item has actually the strength to relocate objects indigenous Link"s path, granting access to locked areas. Connect uses the hammer together an effective weapon together well against enemies such as Helmasaurs, Terrorpins, and also most importantly, the final boss that Dark Palace.

further on, attach enters a room with 3 red Baris flying around a sweetheart chest. Open up the chest and also obtain a Map. This item help Link better navigate the dungeon v the help of a minimap.

The wall surfaces on both sides of this room appear cracked and weak. One of two people bomb or dash v the wall on the best to discover a hole that leads come a Fairy Pond. Connect uses these ponds to rest and regain health.

in ~ the finish of the an initial floor, connect finds a room through two eco-friendly Goriyas and one red one. Additionally, there room two skulls through lootable arrows. When connect defeats the Goriyas, that triggers a new door opening.

proceed through the door right into what appears to be a dead end with a bouncing spike trap. Wait till the surrounding crystal switch turns blue and also hit it. The switch turns orange, revealing orange blocks bring about the appropriate side of the room. Discover a green cyclopsian statue and also shoot that in the eye through an arrow. The statue activates, revealing a hidden staircase right into the basement section of Dark Palace.

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Clearing the last room in the basement unlocks a passage to the last boss. The Helmasaur King is a massive Helmasaur that inflicts damages through his claws, tail, and also armored face. He likewise spits fireballs that link must avoid.

after ~ the Helmasaur King completes a bicycle of attacks, he i do not care immobile, allowing Link come attack. Equip the wonder Hammer and use that on the Helmasaur King"s faceplate. Chip away at the helm until a green crystal appears. The crystal is the monster"s weak allude so focus all strikes on it. Arrows carry out the many damage, but if connect has poor aim, his sword suffices.

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