A lesser-known piano brand in today’s market, Lester pianos were most renowned in the beforehand 1900s. Developed in 1888, Lester Piano agency manufactured pianos under several different names consisting of Lester, Leonard & Co., Alden, Gounod before the 1920s. Few of their later on piano names, prior to going the end of company in 1960, were Lester, Betsy Ross, Bellaire, Betsy Ross Spinet, Cable & Sons, Channing, Gramer, Lawrence, Regent, Schilling, and Schubert. <1>

Based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Lester Piano firm was one all-American piano brand in the early 1900s about the time plenty of were beginning to purchase pianos for in-home playing. Lester marketed your pianos because that being better quality than many modern brands, when still remaining an affordable alternative for the day-to-day American.

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About Lester Pianos

Perhaps the most typical the Lester pianos still found today is the Betsy Ross Spinet. This to be a well-known model since of the size and also sound, and also it was easily accessible in a 37 and 40 inch and a variety of styles. Lester also marketed a piano especially for usage in schools during music classes and also performances. Many of the public schools in Philadelphia have Lester pianos. <2>

In 1947, Lester PIano agency decided come pilot a new piano activity with the elbow made the plastic. V the increase of plastic in the 1940s, Lester join the bandwagon. However, the actions performed poorly and also were recalled by the firm later the year. A little over a decade later, the agency stopped piano manufacturing altogether.

Restoring Lester Pianos

Even in that heyday, Lester pianos were a much less expensive choice for an in-home piano. For this reason, their unrestored worth ranges between $500-1,000. Once restored, several of the much more stylized and older Lester pianos deserve to reach as much as $20,000. To begin the procedure of discovering the worth of your Lester piano, track down the serial number - here"s a how-to overview on locating the serial number on your piano.

At Lindeblad, we understand what come look for as soon as it comes to the age, quality, and also value of an antique Lester piano. Call us this day to watch if your Lester piano is a an excellent candidate because that repair and also restoration.

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<1>Pierce, W. Robert. Pierce Piano Atlas: Anniversary Edition, 2017 our 70th Year. Albuquerque: Ashley, 2017. Print.