I have actually a child that is 17 and also he thinks he will have the ability to drink as soon as we go the the Caymans. Is the drinking period enforced really well?

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The drinking period is 18. Friend are more than likely the significant enforcer. Deserve to he get away v it? Probably. But I am also in favor of amputating their cell phones from their thumbs. For this reason I'm no the human being to ask.

When my kids were out through us they were asked if they want a drink/wine, etc., and not ever before asked because that proof. Lot to your shock (especially mine daughter) when they turned 18 and were old enough to drink legitimate they to be proofed if they were not v us. Mine daughter had actually not expected this and also did not lug ID with her first trip after transforming legal. Back she complained, we did not sell her passport as ID as I felt that was more important the she do the flight home than able drink when she go out! expect this helps!

Thanks for the replys....my 17 yr. Old kid actually post this question because he didn't quite believe me the the age was 18.

yes, the legal period is 18. We have actually generally discovered it to be enforced, yet do recognize "exceptions" have been make if the under aged human is add by parents or others of adult age known to the civilization running the establishment.

I know we had an under aged son who to be served once not with us in the long earlier past once she go out v "friends" she met top top a dive boat. Us were no pleased.

Don't let her son acquire too excited. Having a boy and a girl, the daughter has had an less complicated time acquiring into bars, clubs, having actually drinks bought, etc. My kid thinks it's disgusting, mine daughter think it's exorbitant -- ns can't wait until they have children of your own!

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Oh retrip....your place the "parent" curse on your youngsters too? "I expect you have a child just like you when you're a parent!!"

I'm not really concerned....he to know the household rules(he watched 2 larger brothers test them)and observed the reprocutions. LOL. He was simply hoping he was legal in GC. Thanks

Is the OK come drag adolescents (world-weary 15-year-olds) into bars with us? (upscale restaurants, neighborhood dives, happy hours...whatever)

We've delighted in a few evenings at Bacchus top top trips as soon as they didn't go -- execute they permit kids?