Leaf blowers space trusted landscaping devices year-round, therefore a spotty motor can be a genuine interruption come your residence maintenance routine. If the engine is stalling or shutting off after ignition, that likely because of one that a few things that you have the right to repair yourself.

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An inspection and also some maintenance should get the blower earlier running therefore you deserve to get earlier to garden care.

What Is The choking On A sheet Blower?

When a gas powered leaf blower beginning up, the engine is normally going to be in ~ room or waiting temperature. This is well-known as a cold start, relative to the temperature that heats increase to.

When you revolve on a cold engine, the choking valve cuts off the air it is provided so the the fuel in the carburetor’s burning chamber burns “rich.” It’s referred to as this since there is a high fuel come air ratio, i m sorry warms increase quickly and also heats the engine metal.

After numerous seconds, the engine is warm, and the choke turns off by opening up and enabling air to flow into the carburetor, either automatically or manually by the user. A balanced air to fuel ratio burns efficiently, but when too lot air is added to the proportion (burning “lean”), the engine stalls and also shuts off since not enough power is being generated.

Too lot air is commonly a result of too small fuel being gave to the carburetor. If yes not sufficient fuel flowing, air will fill the chamber and cool the off, winding under the power supply and transforming off the engine.

Do You run A sheet Blower v The Choke open Or Closed?


When to run a sheet blower, the choke is typically off or open up after ignition. Occasionally an engine requirements a little burst the fuel if the is stalling, in which instance you have the right to use the throttle to add much more fuel right into the carburetor’s burning chamber and increase the fuel come air ratio.

If you should leave the throttle closed because that the blower to operate, over there is a problem that should be investigated. When an engine runs v the choke closed, the burns a lot of fuel quickly and can reason damage to the engine indigenous overheating. Normally, wait intake will protect against this and leave the fuel burning at one even, reliable rate.

How To use The choke On A sheet Blower

A leaf blower’s choke might be automatically or manual, but in one of two people case, that is important only at ignition. The warm-up duration might take it a few moments, however, with details leaf blower models requiring between 15 and also 30 secs to progressive the engine metal’s temperature.

Sometimes a half choke setting will be ideal for your version to warmth up in ~ an even pace. If the leaf blower only runs ~ above choke, shut it off and also inspect it for potential maintenance needs.

Checking The Fuel Flow

An discontinuity in the fuel flow is commonly the answer to why the engine demands to run v the choking on. Examine the fuel level come ensure it no low, then inspect on the fuel delivery system. You’ll desire to look out for these potential issues:

Clogged fuel filterFuel heat leakClogged fuel intake

Whether you have a Stihl, Echo, or Husqvarna brand sheet blower, carburetors and also fuel tanks space all made much more or much less the same. These issues are usual for any type of brand or version after a if of use, and also your unit’s manual will allow you understand if there are any kind of special instructions for maintenance, replacements, or repair.

Clogged Fuel Filter


To check the fuel filter, empty any type of fuel in the tank right into a container prior to you start. Fish out the fuel line using a long bent or hooked wire, which hangs in the tank. The filter is connected to the fuel line, and also you will be able to see whether or no it has took in enough buildup to block intake.

This will occur eventually, so if girlfriend haven’t checked it recently, it might be the reason your leaf blower’s engine is stalling or shutting off.

Attaching a fuel filter instead of is an easy task, and your model’s hand-operated will tell girlfriend what sort of filter you need. The smaller the filter, the much more often it should be replaced. Store an eye on your filter due to the fact that leaf blower electric motors are smaller than various other lawncare equipment.

Fuel line Leak

When you inspecting the fuel filter, examine the fuel line as well. Fuel lines can acquire brittle or stiff and also may cracked or break end time. Leaks or damaged tubes will interrupt the fuel feed and need to be replaced.

There room usually two tubes that are connected to type the solitary fuel line from the tank come the carburetor. One line is in the tank, and also the other is between the tank and also the carb. The tube are linked by a connector, i m sorry fastens with a grommet or a rubber seal in the tank.

To examine the inner fuel line, you’ll need to remove the screws and lift off the cover of the leaf blower. The carburetor will be located next to the fuel tank, behind the waiting intake valve, and also connected come the tank through the fuel line tubes.

Replacing one or both that the pipe is simple task, as they should snugly fit approximately the connector pins and also slide off and also on v a tiny force.

Clogged Fuel Intake

As fuel is used, the liquid is turned into gas, and also solids space left behind. When fuel is save in the tank because that an extended period of time, few of it will certainly evaporate and likewise leave residue as the fluid dries up.

The fuel filter is expected to stop this by catching solids in the gasoline, however it doesn’t capture everything. Buildup can take place in the tubes, the connector, or the carburetor.

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Examine the filter, connector, or tubes and also replace them as necessary. Carburetor cleaner will assist with buildup that might be impede the fuel chamber and keep the engine in great repair.