Here we space again. This time, there"s not as lot to do, however it"s most likely going come take longer still. We"re after ~ the Keyhole to the planets heart.

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Heart that the World

Enemies: Shadow, Soldier, huge Body, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Opera, eco-friendly Requiem, Red Nocturne, wait Soldier Boss: the contrary ArmorItems: Earthshine, Old Book, Mega-Ether, Postcard x2Save points: 2 A-type

Trinity Marks: - Blue #10- Red #1, 2, 3Dalmatians: 4-6, 10-12

Traverse Town: very first District

Red Trinity #1

- Our an initial stop is Red Trinity #1 in the an initial District. The is located in the ally where you an initial woke increase at, come the left of the Accessory Shop. Using this Trinity division the wall surface and grants access to Dalmatians 4-6.

Now we require to obtain to the main section the the Allyway through second District.

Traverse Town: Allyway

Red Trinity #2

- over there is a Red Trinity at the far finish of the allied in the water. The breaks down the bars the lead into the mystery Waterway.

Traverse Town: secret Waterway

Swim through the water to reach Leon. Speak to him twice. He"ll first tell girlfriend to speak to Cid, then he"ll give you the Earthshine.


- remember that damaged electrical conduit from the last visit? Target it and use Thunder to carry power to the Gizmo Shop.

Fire Door

- Next, in ~ the opposite next of the area, look because that a door v a flame design on it. Target it and also use fire to open up the door into the Mystical House.

Traverse Town: Mystical House

The course over come the residence is tricky. You have to jump ~ above the rocks to get there, yet just together you jump the following rock will certainly start moving from side to side. It can take a pair tries to gain over there safely.

You find that the main entrance is boarded up, therefore circle the house clockwise to find an alternate entrance.


- Inside, the residence is empty, and you get another vision the Kairi prior to Merlin shows up. Talk to him and also give the the book. Further, he provides you the option to exercise Magic anytime friend want. As lot combat experience as friend have, ns don"t think this would certainly be too valuable to you.

Anyway, following talk to the FairGodmother to turn Earthshine into a Summon (Simba).

There is a Blue Trinity close to the conserve point. I would have a picture, yet everything is all blurry due to the fact that of the every the dark blue/black in the picture. I"m sure you can discover it (Blue Trinity #10).

With that done, go ago to 3rd District.

Traverse Town: 3rd District

Secret Hideout

- You have actually a operation in with Rikku, i beg your pardon in a minute is somehow turned into a negative thing in some twisted bizarre-o world. That aside, look because that the house that now has actually it"s lights on close to the entrance to second District.

Inside, speak to Cid again. He"ll phone call you her ship is ready, and also to fulfill him at his consistent job in first District. However first, we have actually unfinished organization in second District.

Traverse Town: second District

Dalmatians House

- We"re going to the Dalmatians residence to choose up payment for every the puppies we"ve rescued! What, you assumed we to be doing that the end of the great of ours hearts? Pfft, forget that. The Dalmatians residence is situated in an ally under and to the right of the Gizmo Shop.

As compensation so far, you acquire two good weapon gummies and also a new cockpit. Yay us! The prizes get far better the an ext you rescue, yet there aren"t any much more in Traverse city you can acquire to for now.


- Head into the recently powered-up Gizmo Shop. You"ll view all the gears room now transforming and the encounters are lit. Fight off the tide of Heartless very first to acquire them the end of the way. Now use the extendable communication to reach the wall surfaces of the shop. On height of the walls, you"ll see little raised platforms. As soon as you walk on one, it will certainly lower and also complete a circuit.

Postcard #7, 8

- Activate all three (one at a time, of course), then look in ~ the big clock face in the facility of the shop. The hands have to be turn rapidly. As soon as they stop (at 6:54), research the clock to receive two Postcards.

Red Trinity #3

- departure the Gizmo Shop and go increase on the roof. Over there is a Red Trinity mark at the earlier of the roof the leads to the bell. You"ll have to beat all the Heartless before using it. When you do, go inside and also pull the bell cord 3 times it rotates the Keyhole is visible.

Don"t panic, you still have actually time to save before the boss fight. Just don"t obtain too close come the Keyhole and you"ll be fine. Wonder earlier to an initial District, save, and also come back.

Boss: the contrary Armor

Stage 1: safety Armor

Strategy: The struggle starts as the same old security Armor you combated before. It"s even easier this time, as you"re much more powerful however he isn"t. After his wellness reaches about half down on the green bar, stage 2 starts.

Stage 2: opposite Armor

Strategy:This is wherein the real battle starts. For part reason, flipping roughly makes that far much more powerful. His attacks are still usually the same, but there is slightly more variation, choose his swooping attack. The can additionally detach all of his limbs and also attack independently, which doesn"t really adjust the fight the much. The does have one attack he likes to spam, and that"s his zero Ball, i beg your pardon is really simple to check out coming and also really straightforward to evade in time. It i do not know be deflected though, for this reason don"t bother. His feet (well, i guess they"re arms now) should still be your primary focus, followed by his arms, and finally his chest.



After the battle, you obtain the new magic order Aero... Which is quite useless in its level 1 form.

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Well anyway, go speak to Cid in the an initial District exterior the Accessory Shop (which is why i think that building is his old store). He"ll give you a cost-free Gummi. Talk to that again and also he"ll try to install the Navi-G piece. A third time to in reality shop there. I"d purchase the Com LV 2 and a Fira-G for an ext speed. Don"t bother through weapon gummies it spins you"re certain you still require them after upgrading will certainly all the new gummies you got throughout this trip.

Upon leaving the world, you"ll additionally get a message about a brand-new tournament in ~ Olympus Coliseum, i beg your pardon you might probably do now if girlfriend want. View the Coliseum ar for an ext details-