This advertisemt was discovered in the 1905 version of the Deutsche Jagd und Deutsche Fürsten by Fritz Frenzel



Located in the mountains and also valleys of Thuringia the “Green heart of Germany is found the “Waffenstadt Suhl” that was formerly one of the most crucial gun do centers the Germany.

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 1751 established by Lorenz Sauer (Principal firm).

The very first Sauer agency was established in 1751 through Lorenz Sauer and also was the oldest recorded manufacturer of weapons in all of Germany. In 1815 Johann-Gottlob Sauer started managing the firm, and also in 1835 Johann Paul Sauer ended up being the manager. It remained in 1840 that Johann Paul Sauer and his son, Lorenz created the new name, J.P.Sauer & Sohn and made use of a trademark v this name. A finish timeline is in our Archive.

It was a true family business that passed indigenous one Sauer generation come the next. In 1811 it became the first firearms firm in Suhl to create weapons because that the German military. The original agency ceased come exist in ~ the end of people War II. Sauer to be a leader in the production of sporting and also hunting weapons, and pistols and also military rifles.

The original agency produced plenty of different varieties of hunting guns, from single barrel rifles, side by side twin rifles, over and also under twin rifles, shotgun / rifle combination guns, side by side shotguns, over and also under shotguns and Drillings (Three barrel weapons mostly with two shotgun barrels and also one rifle barrel).This agency produced guns of the greatest quality and used the very best material. It was second to no one in the entire world!

After Germany was divided the initial Sauer firm ended increase behind the Iron Curtain under a Communist Government., an entirely brand-new company to be founded and also built in Eckernförde, West Germany in 1951. This brand-new company had got the civil liberties to usage the Sauer name, and also whatever else that was available, to promote the earliest of every German firearms companies.

We will report about the Sauer breech loading hunting rifles native three various time periods. First and foremost about the guns that to be made by Sauer as much as the start of world War II in 1949, and also you can find added information and articles in our Archive (Nr.93-T).

Excellent photos and descriptions of fairly a few Sauer guns can also be seen in this Archive.

You will discover information about some that the guns that Sauer do during civilization War II, especially the so called Luftwaffe Drillings and over and also under shotguns in ours Archive.

You will discover information about the firearms made through the brand-new Sauer factory in Eckernförde in the perform of gun makers in section 5.

You will likewise find it worth your wile to visit the web-site Sauerfineguns.com that a serious and well notified collector the Sauer guns has created.

Sauer Literature

Sauer, beside Merkel and Simson, has created too plenty of guns and models to show you in this web-site, however fortunately number of books about Sauer came out, and you will discover interesting and also informative details in this books. Not all these publications are quiet readily easily accessible and some have to be uncovered at used publication sellers.

J.P. Sauer & Sohna historic study the Sauer automatic Pistols, through Jim Cate & Nico van Gijn. Although this book is mostly about Sauer pistols, it covers quite a little of the Sauer history, specifically of the world War II years and the occupation by American troops. That is out of print.

J.P. Sauer & SohnVolume II by Jim Kate & martin Krause gives much more information about the same time period, is likewise out that print but might tho be accessible from the GGCA (sales

J. P. Sauer & Sohn in Suhl – Waffenstadt by Jim Cate is additionally out the print. Friend will uncover an evaluation of this publication in our Archive, and this will provide you a an excellent idea how many different hunting guns Sauer has actually made over the years. The book might still be available from the german Gun Collectors combination at sales

J.P. Sauer & son by Peter Arfmann & Rolf Kallmeyer, top top 100 pages the history of Suhl and also the Sauer agency and the firearms they made up to June 1948 when the Russian management Authority disowned the Sauer household are described and also shown. Top top 81 extr pages the history and the guns of the brand-new Sauer company in Eckernförde are described and also shown. This publication is most likely available from major book sellers.

Much more information will certainly be included to ours Archive from time to time, including much more articles and a picture gallery that Sauer guns.

The new J.P. Sauer & Sohnin Eckernförde and Isny

J.P.Sauer & Sohn in Suhl to be the oldest and also one the the most essential gun maker in Suhl when American troops come in 1945 and also took end both the factory and also the Sauer residences. When Russian troops take it over around three months later on they at some point handed the properties end to a Communist Government. Sauer, Simson, Haenel and Merkel were linked in a conglomerate called “Thälmann Werke”, however the Sauer name was still provided on firearms up come 1970.

The new J.P. Sauer firm was founded on in march 26, 1951 byRolf Sauer, who passed far in 1972, and investors that saw the worth of the Sauer name and reputation. It was decided to build a brand-new factory in Eckernfoerde in Schleswig-Holstein ~ above the s (Ostsee) between Flensburg and Kiel. Vital research and development facility that torpedoes for the German navy was situated here and had employed 7 thousand expert workers the were the end of work-related when the facility was razed in 1948. The construction of a new factory began in 1951 among the rubble and 200 that these professional workers to be hired, together with 70 professional craftsmen native Suhl and also the original Sauer manufacturing facility who were able to leave the Russian occupation zone.

The intent was then, to produce the most well-known hunting guns that had actually been do in Suhl, but technical illustrations for these guns were no available. An original version VIII shotgun to be the very first to be taken apart, all contents were measured and production illustrations were made. Various other models followed and on the 20th the December 1951 the first gun had actually been produced.

The new Sauer had the good advantage the it could start from scrape with brand-new and contemporary technology and also machinery. Through 1952 the company had 430 employees and an apprenticeship routine with 40 apprentices. Yet the marketing the the firearms was not easy, since the guns that the Communist federal government made in Suhl to be exported for really low money loosing prices due to the fact that hard currency was badly needed and also the eastern German currency was not welcomed in the totally free world markets.

The photograph Album of gun models in this Archive give friend an idea of how rapidly the firm grew and expanded. This list shows just the hunting and also sporting long guns and also does not incorporate the pistols the became also world renowned.

Special point out is deserved through the complying with activities: In 1958 began to create the note V Rifles because that the famed Weatherby firm in California, and also the cooperation arrangements v the Beretta agency in Italy in 1960, with AyA in Spain in 1961, through Dynanite-Nobel and with Franchi in Italy in 1984.

Also, from 1960 v 1999 the version 80 Sauer Drilling was developed for the Colt firm in Hartford-Connecticut and also became known as the Colt-Sauer model 3000 Drilling. This was a basic Anson & Daly type Drilling through a Greener safety and security as lock had currently been made previously in Suhl. It was availble with 16 ga, and also 12 ga. Shotgun barrels and six various rifle calibers and also enjoyed part popularity, especially amongst turkey hunters.. In the Blue publication of gun Values it is valued between $1,400. Come $4,300. Depending upon condition. The Luxus version is valued in between $2,575. To $5,500.

In 1965 the Murmann Family became the new owners the the company, and in the year 2000 Michael Lüke and Thomas Ortmeier acquired the company. They also owned the Blaser firm in Isny and also the new Mauser Company. In 2009 J.P. Sauer was re-founded in Isny where Blaser is located.

In in march of 2013 a new contemporary manufacturing basic was started in Isny that will certainly be populated in October, combining Sauer, Blaser and Mauser under one roof. Barrel production and SIG Sauer pistol manufacturing will remain in Eckernförde.

A custom shop will fill unique orders because that upgraded wood and also fine engraving. This new factory will perhaps be the most prominent searching gun making facility in the world.

The details used in this post comes native the publication “J.P. Sauer & Sohn” by Peter Arfmann and also Ralf Kallmeyr, indigenous Sauer catalogs, native the Blue book of total Values and from the inter-net.

More in-depth information around the bolt action rifles can soon be discovered in section 6.

An article around the Sauer Luftwaffe Drillings and O&U Shotguns made for the German Air pressure before and also during world War II is uncovered in our Archive.

You will discover an article about a visit come Eckernförde in our Archive.

A photo Gallery the the Sauer Factory and Sauer weapons is currently open in this Archive  

Much much more information will certainly be included to ours Archive from time come time.

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The adhering to three images appeared in the GGCA 2020 Calendar and is courtesy that the GGCA.